Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red Velvet Snow Globe Cake

My kids were so excited to see this in the making today, my oldest was asking who's birthday it was, ha! I saw a variation of this in a taste of home magazine, but decided to make it my own... which usually means; A. more cheese than specified, or B. dumb it down for my amateur self. In this case it was the latter.

Let's get started! You will need:


A box mix of red velvet cake.
Here's my two cents... you can trick almost anyone into thinking that your cake is from scratch with this little secret. 

Add the following to your cake mix:

+1 Egg
1 box instant pudding (Cheesecake)
Double the oil called for
1 cup water

Bake at 350 for longer

Bake your cake in (2) 9 inch rounds and let cool.

 Cream Cheese Frosting:

1/4 lb soft butter. This does not mean throw it in the microwave (I've done it, too) Ideally it will have been sitting on the counter for a few hours.
8oz cream cheese, also softened a bit.
1lb confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 14 oz bag of shredded coconut

*note: I doubled the frosting recipe for this cake. 

Mix ingredients EXCEPT coconut  in a mixer until smooth and creamy, if it appears a little stiff add in a small amount of milk until it is at your desired consistency. 

Start frosting your cake!!

I like to put mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes between coats, it helps you achieve that smooth professional look.

Once it is frosted and looking beautiful it's time for covering it with with snow, ha, OK coconut. Be liberal and squish it in on the sides.


Sugar Cone
Frosting (tint some of your extra green)
Wilton decorating bag and tip #32
Candy decorations
Holiday ornament...To my son's dismay his Storm trooper didn't make the cut.
Glass bubble bowl ( I scored mine at Joann's for a whopping $1.50)

First you're going to want to decorate your tree. Start at the bottom and pipe your way to the top, then cover with candy.
Place your tree and ornament on the cake and cover with your bowl. And, if you choose to, top it with some extra coconut and a ribbon.

There you go, super fun, original, and tasty cake. In fact, I'm forcing my husband to take it with him to work tomorrow. I can't be left alone with it. Who knows what would happen...besides my butt being a little rounder ;)


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