Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was thinking back to when I was pregnant with my first child, and I remembered when someone made the comment to me, "enjoy every minute, it goes by really fast!" . . . well thats where I'm at now.

I was so stuck in the moment with having a new baby, thinking it was going to last forever. Then its like I turned around and my baby turned into a 3 year old, and now I have another that's not so "baby" anymore. Time is literally flying by. Sometimes I think its so sad, but then I'm having so much fun watching my kiddos change.

I've decided I need to update my blog more frequently to get the pictures that I have been taking on here. Then I can print it all out in a book and have for them to look back on. That's my goal anyway. ;) Basically it'll be their glorified baby book.

About a week ago, I took the kids upstairs to just play in their room for a while. I let them pull out toys and basically do what they wanted. It was so nice to just sit back (camera in hand of course) and watch them play. Aubriana is especially fun to watch/listen to now. She has quite the imagination. She kept knocking on the door and asking, "who is it?" and then she would answer, "it's princess Cinderella!" She then would open the door and let her in. This was repeated over and over until every Disney princess you could think of had been let into her room. After all that, she told me she was leaving to go shopping at Costco. Now that's my girl!


The above pictures are of Aubri building a castle with Noah. Of course he's standing on top of all his animals. She does this with a lot of things. She'll get out her matching card game and ask if I'll build a castle with her. She's such a funny girl.

While Aubri's building her castles, Timmy's favorite thing is to stand at the toy buckets and pull each toy out one by one. He loves it! Sometimes he'll stop to taste a toy or two before dropping it, creating a huge mess at his feet. Surprisingly, his messes aren't as bad as Aubri's. LOL!

I just like this picture. He loves to hang out in his crib and play while watching Aubri. Can you tell he's teething?

Aubri always has to have a skirt/dress on. Usually it doesn't matter which one it is, however, the frillier the better.

She's in the same skirt, different day. This time enjoying a banana... which she'll ask me, at least 3 times a day, "mom, my tummy hurts. I think I'm hungry. Can I have a banana?" Don't worry, I don't give it to her more than once a day or her tummy really will be hurting. ;)

Look at him!!! Can you believe he just turned 9 months a couple of days ago? He looks like he's 12 months! He's growing so fast and he's so handsome!!! . . . sigh. At his well check, the Dr. said, "Well, I'm guessing you have yourself a basketball player on your hands. Tall and thin!" That's fine by me! Must get it from my Dad. I miss him.

Some of Timmy's favorite things...
Daddies computer. He always knows which button to push that will lock the whole thing up. Already a genius.

He loves his Daddies attention as well. Probably because Tim feeds him crackers and stuff. Can you tell? I thought it was a sweet daddy/son moment.

He loves to play... adrenaline junky! Aubri never liked to be thrown. She's more of a scaredy-cat.

Ok. I can see everyone's getting a bit bored here. This is what happens when I take so long between blog posts. Sorry. :) No, but seriously, how awesome that they are napping at the same time?!! In the same place!! It was such a great day!!

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