Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independence Day

We had a little bit of a mellow 4th of July this year. Both kids were sick with fevers and just not feeling too good. We were invited to go and participate in festivities by a couple of friends but we decided to keep it sweet and simple with our own little family. Even though the kids weren't feeling themselves, I think they still had fun! 

We first treated them to a red, white, and blue ice cream star at Dairy Queen. Nothing better for a fever then ice cream, right?! ;) Afterwards we headed to the Casino close to our house where they sell thousand of fireworks. It's basically a carnival for pyromaniacs. It was cool though. We went up and bought a kids backpack full of fireworks and the sells guy threw in tons of sparklers and about 5 roman candles. Sweet deal!

The backpack of explosives!

My cute little man, playing with buzz light year while we wait for the sun to fade a little more...

Trying to introduce the sparklers to Timmy, but he just hid behind Tim the whole time. Where's the trust?

Aubri loved them though! She was pretending to be our fairy godmother. Tim just kept lighting them trying to convince Tiger it was fun. No such luck.

 He's more trusting with me. But that was all he would do. I'm not so sure why he is more timid this year... last year he loved it!
being brave

The kids loved the colorful smoke bombs!

fairy dust

It was all going so great until we lit up some loud ones... Thats when it all went bad for Timmy...

Timmy took off running for the road. I felt bad that it scared him so bad. He was pretty upset about it. :(

We got out the poppers and that made it a lot better. Whew! Timmy wasn't able to throw them hard enough to make them pop, so he enjoyed stomping on them.

The kiddos just chillin being their goofy selves.

I love these two so much!

Aubri put on a dance for us...

Then Aubs and I did a little sparkler art...

I took this right before Tiger decided to go in the house and watch the fireworks from the window. I love this!

The End!

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