Friday, February 13, 2009

Try To Keep Up...

We moved. We took our LONG trek to Washington from Denver, and let me just say... it wasn't easy. I won't bore anyone with too many details but it was quite the adventure... here... let me show you a picture first...

Is it a train??? No! It's Semi's lined up on I-80 in Wyoming. The road conditions were not great to say the least. We thankfully have our house on wheels and were able to stay at a truck stop for about 3-4 hours playing a few games of Sequence while Aubriana napped. It finally cleared up and we hit snow in Idaho (of course). Blowing snow and icy roads are not good, so we stopped again at a rest stop and stayed the night.

We travel with Internet so we were able to keep checking road conditions and felt it was safe to continue. Keep in mind... I'm driving our Jeep Wrangler that has HUGE tires on it and a clutch that isn't working properly while Tim is driving our truck pulling the 5th Wheel. We were both stressed ;). The next day of driving wasn't too bad... but we weren't able to make it to Dead Man's pass before dark so we pulled over and slept again.

We head out in the morning and start driving through a smaller pass that leads up to dead mans pass and Tim calls to tell me he has no breaks on the 5th wheel. We pull over and all the wire looked like it had been pulled out! It was crazy. It also took Tim 2 hours to fix because the wind was blowing so hard he had to keep taking breaks to get his hands to warm up. We get going again and there are flashing signs everywhere to chain up if you're pulling over 10,000 lbs. Well, we didn't have chains, so Tim drove super slow and I kept going because I didn't want the clutch to go out on me. By the time we got to Dead Man's pass, the roads were great and the sun was shining. It was such a relief to finally be done with mountain passes. We pulled over to get a snack and started to get back on the road (I'm following Tim) and I hit a patch of slush, which causes me to loose control of my steering and I ended up driving off the road hitting a reflector thingy. A snow plow guy stopped and helped me... gave me some driving advice (LOL) to get back on the road. Thankfully, the Jeep is indestructible. We left Denver on a Saturday and arrived safely in Washington on a Tuesday night. Our nerves were a little shot but we felt so blessed that our prayers were answered and that we were able to arrive safely, especially with the bad weather we faced.

It's been a while since I've posted and can't stand to do so without sharing some photo's of Aubriana. She is adjusting from being in our 5th wheel that was really nice but not too roomy to being in a place with lots of space and lots of fun things to get into. She has such personality! It's so fun to watch her grow. Here are her latest and greatest!

Grandma had to buy Aubriana her first pair of rain boots. She loves them... well she loves shoes period. They are a little big but it doesn't stop her from stomping around in them.

stairs good eater
Aubriana loves to "try" to dress herself or figure out a way to get out of her clothes. She came up to me the other day with her arm completely out of her shirt. The second picture is of her enjoying some scrambled eggs with a fork. Yes... she is all about the utensils now. She really likes to be independent.
Those are her piggy's. Isn't she cute!?!
piggy tail cutie
It's very hard to say no to this face! I love it!!!

My last bit of news... Saved the best for last. Tim flew back to Denver yesterday to take his Journeyman Lineman's test today and PASSED! It's a gruesome test that last pretty much all day. My hubby is capital A-MAZING!!!

Now for Lynlee's wedding :)... excited for that!

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