Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photo Challenge | 1. Oh Christmas Tree

My first photo of the challenge. Oh Christmas Tree... or in other words, Poor Christmas Tree. I was getting our fake tree out to fluff and get ready for the kids to decorate in the morning and our cat would not leave it or me alone. Every time I would do a little fluffing, JJ would jump at the branches. He thought it was such a great game until I got scratched and that ended it. ;)

1. oh christmas tree

Now its your turn to share. Upload your pictures to your blog and come back here and link it up so we can all see! Or hashtag #thejoneswayblog on instragram or Link up on our Flickr Group Here.

Refer to my previous post HERE if you need the photo challenge list.


  1. How cute! My friend Julie Wadlinger told me about your photo challenge. I'm going to follow you on Instagram! This looks really fun!

  2. What is your Instagram name?

  3. Thank you! I'm excited to see your photos! My instagram name is Daisyjones01 or you can just use hashtag #thejoneswayblog and we'll find your photo that way!

  4. Mine is up as well (Lurlyn), you can find me on instagram @ lurf06, or twitter @ alwaysajones, or like Nicole said you can find our pics at #thejoneswayblog.
    I'm excited to see everyone's christmas trees!


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