Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lynlee's Wedding Pictures

I'm sure a few people have been anxiously waiting for the pictures... sorry!! There were a million to go through (still not completely done) and my computer was working like Crapola... so I finally upgraded the memory on my laptop and got busy. I'm sharing a few of my fav's, the rest you can view on my flickr account.

**I'm just an amateur photographer, learning the ropes, so please don't be too critical while viewing the pictures. Thanks! :)

Lynlee, you were a BEAUTIFUL bride.

DSC_0235 copy
Loved Lynlee's flirty look in this picture.

DSC_0233 copy
Full shot with the Rexburg Temple

DSC_0232 copy
Lynlee bedazzled her wedding shoes. They were so cute!!!

DSC_0347 copy bw

DSC_0372 copy
Everyone that was there at the Temple

DSC_0405 copy bw
I had to share this picture. Lynlee being held by her big Bro Ty.

DSC_0456 copy
All the guys...

DSC_0461 copy
All the Ladies, plus 3 babies in 3 different tummies ;)

DSC_0482 copy bw
Me & my adorable daughter at the reception... pic is courtesy of the hubby :)

DSC_0561 copy
My Mom & Scott

DSC_0547 copy
The single ladies anxiously waiting to catch the bouquet.

DSC_0484 copy bw
Aubri dancing with Daddy :)

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