Monday, January 19, 2009

A Girl Thing


Its been so fun watching Aubriana discover things that she loves, such as... being a mommy. I took Aubri to a playgroup in the beginning of December and she found a baby doll to play with. She was kissing on the doll and taking it over to one of the infant car seats and laying the doll in there and patting its back... it was the cutest thing I had ever seen! I hadn't even thought of her liking dolls yet and was concentrating more on getting the learning toys. So, of course, for Christmas we had to get her a doll. She did not want the doll to leave her sight until we went to Tim's family for New Years and was given TWIN baby dolls, that talk to eachother, from her Grandma. She is in baby doll heaven. She has enough dolls to tie her over for a few years... however, we were missing a stroller. I figured since she likes to push the shopping cart in the store, she would much enjoy pushing her baby in a stroller. Since we have had beautiful, spring like weather, the stroller has been put to good use!


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