Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Happenings...

April has been a busy month and I'm behind on my blog...

Spring finally came! Since we bought our home last September we haven't experienced spring or summer in our house. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful our tree in the front yard looked after it bloomed!


And finding more plants popping up out of the ground that I didn't know were there. Like the Peonies!!! I can't wait until they bloom!


One of the first things that happened for us in April... we FINALLY have an oven! Yeah! A couple of posts back I blogged about the ice/snow storm we had. When we finally got power back after a few days, with it went my double oven. It fried the electrical panel somehow... not sure how, but it did. :(

So after 2 months of working with the home warranty company and not having an oven, (crock pot meals were a great replacement) they finally shipped us the replacement. We waited another "3 weeks" to get someone out here to install it. I know... ridiculous! We finally got two repair guys (who were short a few bricks) to install the double oven and I had to point out to them, while they were hooking up the electrical, that it was too tall for the wall. Oh... hmmm... interesting. We were told on the phone by the warranty company that it was our fault that we didn't go down to an appliance store after they gave us the model # to make sure it was a right fit for our space. I'm sorry, no one told me I was suppose to do that. My incredibly handy, sexy, smart hubby took matters into his own hands and popped off the molding, lowered a shelf, put everything back together, hooked up the electrical and with my muscles we were able to lift and slide the oven into place. PERFECT! Whew! I can bake again!!!

The best part of the whole thing, my hubby had a little helper (screw driver in hand) that just had to help his dad the whole time. I love having fixing men in my house!

helping dadda

Just in time for Easter... I was able to try out baking eggs instead of boiling them. Something I found on Pinterest. Found here. I loved how they turned out! They peeled perfectly. I only had two slightly cracked eggs. You should try it sometime.

Here is how you make them.

1st - place the eggs on the center rack parallel (as shown) with a cookies sheet underneath incase an egg cracks and oozes. I have not had one make a mess on me yet, but better to be safe then sorry!

2nd - Preheat the oven to 325 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. *Eggs go into the oven before you preheat so they will cook slowly*

3rd - place the eggs in a bowl of ice water when done to cool down. Wait about 10 minutes before peeling them. After you peel them place them back in the water to continue cooling.

Done! You should have some perfectly hard baked eggs. Try it!


Aubri LOVES boiled eggs. Something I never thought she would like, but she does. The kid surprises me all the time.

enjoying egg

My little Timmy boy is still too destructive to trust with cups full of dye and the eggs themselves. So, while he took a nap, Aubri had some fun being creative. She had a blast decorating eggs this year.



Painting eggs


The day before Easter Sunday we headed down to Grandma & Grandpa Jones'. The kids had a big Easter egg hunt with their cousins. There were way too many eggs, but it was a fun experience.

Tim was suppose to be helping hide the eggs but I caught him eating them instead...

sneaky tim

It didn't take Timmy long to figure out what he needed to do.

run for basket

This was Aubri's "please, no pictures" moment. She was too busy finding eggs.

_DSC9739 bw

Most of the little cousins taking a break playing dress up and jumping on the trampoline.


Timmy & Soren enjoying the gravel pit together.


This is sweet "tiny" Farah! Newest addition to our Nephew Cody & his wife Saydee. She is such a sweet sweet baby.


Lots of grub to be had.


And Timmy melting my heart with his charming good looks.


I was there too... sometimes I forget to put myself in the memories. I thought I looked cute that day but all I have to show for it is a mug shot of me and the hubs. Literally. I really need to be more creative on self portraits and getting my hubby to take his sunglasses off...


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