Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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When we bought our house, it came with some "lovely" bar stools. Are you sensing a bit of sarcasm? It's there. I was immediately on the look out for some new ones. Little did I know, they would cost more than I'm willing to spend for a flippin chair. My husband also argued the point that the chairs we inherited with the house swivel (ooh ahh!). Hence the idea of flipping the chairs...

Here's the "lovely" before it got flipped:

And here's the flipped chair:






What do you think? HUGE improvement I would say. Even though it took me a while to finally get the chair done (I had some issues with my sewing machine). It was worth it. When I say "the" chair, I mean only one has been finished. I still have 3 more to go. Now that I've gone through the whole process, it should be easy finishing the rest.

I went to the Fabric Depot in Oregon for that fabric. My sis-in-law Lurlyn and I love to shop there whenever we have an itch for a project. I don't remember the name and maker of the fabric, but if anyone needs to know, I'm sure I can do a little research.

I originally painted the legs and arms white to go along with the fabric but it didn't have enough contrast or kick that I was looking for. So I thought to go black but was fretting that it would be too much. So I asked Lurlyn (who's opinion I trust whole heatedly because of similar taste) and she said to go for the black. Plus it would hide dirt or sticky fingers from my kiddos. I'm so happy I did! I love it! Thanks Lur! ;)

Projects like this can be easy if you use the original fabric from the chair as the pattern and really make notes of how the chair was put together originally. I did make a couple of mistakes that are only visible to me, but will make sure to do it better the 2, 3 & 4th time around.

Just for giggles and because I'm so proud of myself, here is another before & after pic side by side. :)

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