Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Hanging Out

A little update on us... Tim was layed off from Sturgeon on Monday. So, we are waiting for the apprenticeship to call him out with another company. This means we could be leaving Colorado. We won't know where he'll be going until they call him out, which could be a little while. He is behind a few other guys who have also been layed off and waiting to be called out. Right now, he is just hanging out at home with me and Aubriana. Kinda getting a feel for being an at home Dad. We are just getting things situated in case he was called to another state so we could be ready and just go.

I've enjoyed having Tim home. I've been able to almost finish Aubriana's birth announcements. They were very detailed and so difficult for me to get finished, but better late then never.

Aubriana's new thing lately is to blow a bunch of spit bubbles. She discovered how to do it a few weeks ago and thats about her favorite noise to make now. I can hardly get her to talk anymore, but she does imitate some of the noises that I make. It's so darn cute.

I put pictures of our walks we've had lately. The weather here has been in the 60's so we have been out enjoying it. Really excited for spring!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dr. Seuss

Tim and I were in Costco (like usual) yesterday and we saw a bunch of Dr. Seuss books. Well, we had to buy one. Aubriana's first book, Horton Hears A Who!

Well, for a two month old, she actually sat through the whole book. I couldn't believe it. She even had a few things to add in there. I think it was all the big colorful pictures that kept her attention.

The result after...


Aubriana is working on holding her head up with the Boppy pillow... but then, she gets tired....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Desiree!

This is a shout out to my sister Desi who just turned 15 today! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miss Mature

Church was a new experience for us. The past couple of months, she would just drink a bottle and sleep, but now she is wanting to stand up and see everything and talk. She was being kinda loud during the prayer, so I tried to put a binky in her mouth and she started gagging. It was a little embarrassing but pretty funny. Before, people were asking us how big she was when she was born cause she looked so small and now they can't believe she is only 2 months old because of her huge personality. I sure love her! She took an abnormally long nap today and I could hardly wait to see her.

Last night was awful. Tim had to stay home from work today cause he was up sick all night. It was so bad. I felt so helpless but he survived and is feeling like himself again today. I was pretty worried but thinking it was a test of my motherly skills for the future. I think I passed with flying colors except for the fact that I kept asking Tim if I should take him to the hospital. I think I was overly worried but you would have been too if you were me. :)

Ok, thats the update. The above picture is to show just how bad Aubriana wants to grow up. So sad! I want her to stay little forever.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crazy Girl!

Aubriana is hillarious. She loves her chair and gets really intense when swatting at her toys. Her eyes go really big like she's frustrated she can't make her hands do what she wants. Well, today was a different story. She was more interested in watching the bright colors on the TV then pay attention to her wiggling toys. Apparently she still wanted to hear her toys so she was smacking them around with her feet. I had to get it on video... it was making me laugh.


Our weekend was pretty fun! We were able to go back to Utah for the weekend and visit some friends. We stayed at our friends, Corby and Aspen's, whom we use to live right next door to. It was fun to be back in the neighborhood for a weekend. We left Thursday night so we could drive while Aubriana slept and we hit a bit of snow getting there through Spanish Fork canyon. It added a bit of time on our trip but we arrived safely and Aubriana slept the whole time there. She was sooo good. Tim was able to see his old doctor on Friday and then we took Aubriana into Wencor (where I use to work) to show her to my friends. She was a hit, everyone loved her. It was so good to see everyone, especially Cindy!

Saturday was a fun day. My sister Lynlee was able to come spend the day with us. I've missed her a ton. Lyn gave Tim and Corby massages and we all had Red Robin for dinner. Can't get any better then that! :) On Sunday we went to our old ward and due to the fact that I was in the Primary the whole 5 years we lived there, mostly my primary kids came up to say hi to me. It was awesome to see them again. They grow so fast!

Our drive back to Colorado was not so great. It snowed mostly everywhere and the roads were terrible. Due to my husbands cautious driving, we were able to make it back safely. Tim even stopped when he saw a car off the side of the road and someone inside. The guy was grateful we had stopped but had already called a tow truck and said he was fine, so we continued.

The following are a few pictures of our fun weekend:

Aspen and Aubriana. Aspen loved having a baby around! (her hubby Corby in the background)

Aspen and Corby's little boy Draven posing with Tim. They had a blast playing together.

Draven kept going upto Tim with this face saying "I'm the black one, your the blue one." Tim just played along at first until we finally figured out he was talking about Spider Man. It was pretty funny.

My sister Lynlee with Aubriana. She told me she would hurt me if I posted this picture on my blog... oooh, I'm so scared! Ha ha!

This is a picture of our road conditions. The roads here weren't too bad, they got worse.

This is a picture I took outside our place on Monday. Apparently the snow followed us home. Whoops.

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