Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kindergarten Photoshoot #2

Well, I can't believe its here already, but my oldest just started Kindergarten! In the past, thinking about it brought me to tears, but now I'm just excited! My daughter is more than ready for school. She told me when we went to meet her teacher that she was so excited to learn! I love this age! School is fun for them and they are eager to know more. So, since she is really excited, then I'm excited for her. Still sad I won't have her with me all day though. I'm sure it is a heart melting moment for all parents when they send their kiddos off to school. 

I was really excited to do her photo shoot! I wanted to take the pictures at her elementary school and I'm really glad I did. I think it will be a great memory for her to look back on. I'm very biased but my girl is gorgeous and I love taking pics of her. I really tried to bring her personality out in her shoot. She really loves to draw and she loves her bedtime stories. She is also very silly. The glasses... oh the glasses. She asked if she could wear them at school. Well... ? They were just for the pics but now she can play with them. 

If you would like more picture ideas, I did a Kindergarten photo shoot of my nephew HERE.

Without further ado, I give you my little Miss Aubriana:

Aubri Kinder blog

Aubri Kinder wide blog_

Aubri Kinder blog-4

Aubri Kinder blog-5

Aubri Kinder blog-10

Aubri Kinder blog-12

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-2

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-3

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-11

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-8

Aubri Kinder blog-18

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-26

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-24

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-21

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-14

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-19

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-16

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-18

Aubri Kinder blog-19

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-27

Aubri Kinder blog-23

Aubri Kinder blog-25

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-31

Aubri Kinder wide blog_-33

and... no more pictures please mom! This is so her...
Aubri Kinder wide blog_-32

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