Sunday, September 21, 2008

Idaho Trip

Aubriana and I took a flight out to visit my family in Idaho a week ago. My brother Tyler and Marilyn were up from California visiting and we had to make the trip to see them considering its been almost 2 years! :) The trip went really smooth... lots of laughing and volleyball tournaments and family! I'll just share a few of the pics I took below, the rest are on my Flickr account... CLICK HERE if you would like to see them or copy any of them to your computer. (Make sure you are viewing the full size of the picture before saving to your computer or else you'll just be stuck with a little thumbnail. Enjoy!)

Aubriana has changed dramatically in the past couple of weeks. During the whole trip to Idaho, she decided it was appropriate to GLARE at all the men. If you were a guy, you were getting glared at. It was quite humorous. She also has like 7 teeth now, the eighth tooth is starting to break through now. She loves to walk around if you are holding one of her hands. Tim and I have caught her a couple of times walking from one place to the next but then she gets down on all fours and decides that its faster that way... we don't think we really want to rush the walking. She has also discovered how to climb onto the couch, yikes.

My Mom took Tyler up on the Butte with the 4 wheeler and Lynlee and I decided to follow with Aubriana. We followed way behind due to the dust my mom would kick up and because I had to drive quite slow with my baby on tow. We had fun and Aubri loved it, she was singing on the way back and the scenery was just gorgeous!

These are about the only pictures I got of Desi the whole trip... well, this is mostly when we got to see her. She had her Volleyball tournaments all weekend long. We were there, however, to cheer her on...

Desi's cheer squad looking cute! Tyler (holding Aubri) Lynlee, me and Marilyn.

Desi's cheer squad in action! We had a lot of fun embarrassing ourselves and my mom. Marilyn even made up a cheer: BUMP, SET, SPIKE IT.... THAT'S THE WAY WE LIKE IT, UH! GO RIG-BY!

Here's the cheer squad after our own little family game of Volleyball, cut short due to Marilyn's wedding ring flying off her "pinkie" finger. Luckily we found it and all was good.

All of my mom's side of the family got together and we had Dutch-oven yummy goodness. Above is a cute pic of my cousin Krissa and Jenna with their nephew Dylan and Aubriana.

My cousin Justin and my brother Tyler.

The boys "trying" to shoot the skeet.

The girls "actually" shooting skeet. My brother and I had a shoot off before I left Idaho and he shot 1 more than me. ugh! But then we taught Lyn to shoot and she beat us both. ha ha!

Here's a pic of Lynlee and her boyfriend Brett... no Chett, Terret, Rhett. One of those names. It's really Rhett. :) He's new to the fam so we have to give him a hard time. It's the rules.

Andrea and her cute little girl Jaci.
Cute little Jackson on the left, Emily and Samuel in the middle and Krissa holding Aubri.
Aunty Paula in action and Justin pigging out.

Finally I had to share a picture of Aubriana and Bear. Bear is the sweetest dog. He loved Aubri. He went and laid next to her and licked her hand and loved on her. It was so sweet!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Words

Tim and I were discussing Aubriana's first words the other day and it dawned on us that it was in fact, "UH-OH". She definitely says mama, especially when she is ticked off she sounds like a motor revving its engine... mamamama ahmamamama! It cracks me up. Then she says dadda over and over but she is usually in her own little world, playing with toys. She definitely knows who we are by those names but she never says it to us. Every time Aubriana is playing and she drops or tosses a toy she quickly adds in "UH-OH". If she is hanging out in her crib and drops her toy or her binky over the side she proceeds with a "UH-OH". We've decided this is her first word because she recognizes what she is doing when she says it. She is definitely a character and we absolutely love her to pieces! Just a couple more cute photo's below. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bubba Junior Jones

Junior has gone missing a few days ago and Tim and I started searching for him the first day he didn't come back. Normally we let him out during the night and he comes meowing back in the morning for food and sleep. I'm convinced, now that its almost been a week since I've seen him last, that something has happened to him. The last time I cried over an animal was my bird Jack when he died. It is heart breaking to loose an animal because they become apart of your family and your daily routines. So far, since Junior has gone missing, I keep thinking I hear him meowing outside and run to open the door to find him not there. He was an incredible, beautiful cat and I'm so sad that he's gone. Minnie and Aubriana will definitely miss picking on him and I'll miss his laid back attitude with occasional sass. Tim and I would take walks around the RV park where we stay and always find him tagging along behind us. Who's ever had a cat that takes walks?! He survived from being in a house full time to traveling in a 5th wheel to 4 different states in 1 year. He was awesome and will be sorely missed.

Past pics of June:

Found him sleeping like this. I think his claws got snagged in the pillow and he was too lazy to get them unstuck.

Min and June playing

He's hiding from Aubriana.

Not too bad...

It's been a long time since I've been tested at typing so I found this website to tell me what I type per minute. I didn't do too bad... not as bad as I thought. Still being in the 60's is ok with me. Try it out... I dare ya!

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