Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I just wanted to thank Lurlyn and Leif for giving us their Condo in Breckenridge, CO this past weekend. Thank you so much! It was so so so nice of them and wished they could have been there. The condo was really nice! The master suite had a huge jacuzzi tub and a two man shower in the bathroom. They had a heated pool where you could swim indoors or outdoors. They also had 2 huge hot tubs outside, 1 inside and a little kiddy pool that we took Aubriana in. It was very family friendly with an outdoor play area and an arcade inside. I say you guys book it again next year but after Thanksgiving when the snow is nice and fresh for snowboarding. Colorado has been a little slow at getting snow this year.

We invited our friends from our ward, Matt & Brindi and their two girls, Mayci (3 yrs old) and Kila (7 weeks old). It was fun for Aubri to play with Mayci and funny to see her so intested in the baby. Tim and Matt took the girls sledding. Aubriana loved it except when I came out there to take pictures. For some reason she cried when she saw me and wouldn't stop till I picked her up... go figure. I wish I had more time to get more pictures but it got dark really fast.

sledding aubs in sled
Tim has been so excited to take Aubriana sledding. He went out and bought this red sled for our little weekend trip. It paid off! :)

holding up aubs

These are the pictures of the condo we stayed in. The view is gorgeous!

snow with aubs

aubs interested in baby
Aubriana was very facinated with the baby. Maybe I should get her a doll for Christmas. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


Not much is going on with us besides that Aubriana got over her bacteria infection and then caught the flu virus. So our poor baby can't catch a break.

The weather here has been crazy as usual. We've had temperatures in the higher 70's and then we wake up to snow in the morning... back up to the 70's and now its starting to get really cold. Aubriana loves to go on walks outside so I love to take lots of pics of her. Sharing my favorite of them all below. She just gets more beautiful every day! I can't believe she will be a 1 year old next week!!! Time is flying by.

winter hat

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Experimenting With Texture...

I've been teaching myself some things with my camera and also adding texture to my photo's... well... I LOVE IT! I think it makes some photo's pop all the more. These were my very first attempt... I'm still learning.

Tim and I love this picture!
DSC_0296 copy texture

This is my absolute favorite picture of Aubriana and so I experimented with a little floral...

Not sure about this one... I think the texture needs to be muted more... I don't know. I'll keep playing with it.
DSC_0256 texture

Monday, November 10, 2008

When You're Having A Bad Day...

It's so nice to take a short drive to see this on a beautiful day...

Some of the berries in the trees on the Temple grounds...

But then you get back to real life and try to find humor in this...

I do not know where she gets this from ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy 8

8 TV shows I watch...

1. The Office (my fav)
2. Kath & Kim
3. Law & Order Criminal Intent
4. House
5. The Fringe
6. Ellen
7. Food Network
8. 24 (soon!)

8 Favorite Restaurants...

1. The Cheesecake Factory (the best!)
2. Carls Jr.
3. Panera Bread
4. Cafe Rio (how I miss that place)
5. Johnny Corrinos
6. Chili's
7. Boston Market
8. Outback

8 Things That Happened Yesterday...

1. This is hard! Um... woke up
2. did some dishes, woo hoo
3. showered and got dressed
4. Figured a few functions out on my camera and took some pretty cool shots while Aubriana napped.
5. Went to my favorite store, Costco, for some formula and baby wipes
6. Went to my other favorite store, Target, for some bottle liners and milk and stuff.
7. Tim was working through the night so Aubriana and I went out and bought some caffeine and snickers for him and went to see him hard at work.
8. Put Aubriana to bed and played some spider solitaire. Exciting day huh?!

8 Things I Look Forward To...

1. Tim becoming a Journeyman Lineman
2. Having a house again
3. My hubby coming home from work
4. Tim & Bumble Bee's smooches and hugs
5. Going on dates with Tim (if only I knew someone who didn't charge $7 an hour)
6. Going on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean again!
7. A brother or sister for Aubri (don't get the wrong idea, not anytime soon)
8. Taking some Photography classes

8 Things on My Wish List...

1. A house
2. A Mac Computer with a huge screen! Oh yeah!
3. Photoshop CS3
4. to become a professional photographer
5. See my family more often
6. Ambition
7. Go to Europe
8. a million dollars - so I can do all those things

8 Words or Phrases I use all the time...

1. "Thats the shiz niz"
2. whatever (I use alot in sentences, I'm trying to break that habit)
3. Are you serious?
4. cool!
5. hubs
6. oh crap
7. sweet
8. dang it (when I'm trying not to swear)

8 people I tag...

1. Hannah
2. Paula
3. Jennifer Bracken
4. Marilyn
5. McKenzie
6. Melissa
7. Amy
8. Krissy

Thankful Post

Aubriana has been sick for the past 2 1/2 weeks. It started with just a tad fever before I left for Washington and turned out as a cold... runny nose, cough. Well, her cough was getting pretty bad and she was really fussy so I decided to take her to the doctor's to make sure she didn't have strep or anything that I would need antibiotics for. Anyway, the doctor checked her over and said her lungs sound fine and her throat was just a little red so to use the Tylenol when she needs it.

Well, her sore throat was sounding lots better and we got through Halloween just fine but then she woke up throwing up. She did this for about 2 days. I thought it was because of the Flem in her throat that was gagging her (sorry gross) and making her throw up but then she started running a fever again. I kept it down with Tylenol the first day but the next day it wasn't staying down. She had a fever of about 102.8 all morning and by the afternoon it was 103 +, so I ran her back to the doctor and by the time I got her there, her fever was 105.3. The doctor said he was going to hospitalize her if they couldn't get her fever down fast enough. Yikes! One thing I found out when I got her there is I can alternate between Infant Tylenol and Children's Motrin every 3 hours and I wasn't giving her enough Tylenol in the first place.

The doctor wasn't sure if the fever was caused by a virus or bacteria infection so we had to take her for a chest x-ray and have her blood drawn, which ended up showing that she had a little inflammation (pneumonia) on her right lung and a high white blood cell count. We started her on antibiotics and she ran a high fever one more night.

Now she is happy little Bumble Bee again. Playing and walking around with color back in her face. It was a little scary going through that for the first time, but I'm glad its over and I now have the experience.

1. I'm thankful that Aubriana has been a healthy child and until recently hasn't been sick.
2. I'm thankful for Doctors to pinpoint the problem and the medicine to help.
3. I'm so thankful for family that calls and checks to see how she is doing and offering me any advice.
4. I'm thankful for a helpful husband that is as concerned as I am.
5. I'm especially thankful that Aubriana was still a sweet baby when she felt her worst. All the snuggling and kisses we got were so sweet!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Husker Do's, husker don'ts, whistlin dixie's!
If you've ever watched Joe Dirt, you know what I'm talking about. If not, he's just a white trash guy with a mullet and a mustache. LOL! The best part was watching him flick his hair over his shoulder! HA HA!

My bestest friend Cindy came to see us. She flew in yesterday and brought some costumes with her to wear to our ward trunk or treat. She is sooooo AWESOME!

Group shot: A cat, Joe Dirt, a bumble bee, and Fiona from Shrek.

We were dressed up for our ward trunk or treat. It wasn't that great cause our ward does not have that many kids but we had fun dressing up. They served donuts and punch or hot chocolate and there were some fun games for the kids but Aubriana is only 11 months so she can't really participate.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1st Halloween!

We had a ton of fun for Halloween. We met up with our Friends, Matt & Brindi and their two girls, at the Aspen Grove Shopping Center. The Littleton Police Department puts it on every year. We walked from store to store collecting candy. It was tons of fun and there were lots of people. Aubriana loved it!

Because Aubriana is known as our "Bumble Bee" to Tim and I, we decided it would make for a cute first costume.

Our friends and Tim and Aubri walking along. Cute little Macy helping Bumble Bee cross the road.

Hurrying for more Candy!

Mingling with some fairies.

Getting more candy from a cool clown. Aubri always had a piece of candy in each hand so we had to hold her bucket.

Couple of bees mingling. Tim and bumble bee.

It was a surprisingly warm night so we finished it with some Cold Stone.

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