Monday, January 25, 2010

We're having a.................[drum roll].......

BOY!!! (He is definitely not shy! ;))

We're very EXCITED!

Everything on the ultrasound looked great, which is always a huge relief! He even showed us some muscle!

Ultrasounds amaze me sometimes. We sat and watched his side profile and he would open and close his mouth a couple of times and you could even see his tongue. It was amazing. When the ultrasound-tech was looking at his spine, he looked like he was on all fours trying to run! Very cool!

Anyway, half of you were right! I think Tim owes me a $100 too. Hmmm... :)

Here's a couple of cute pics we got...

He's so cute!!! His name will be Timothy (no middle name yet) Jones...
little tiger profile

Definitely Tim's boy...
show us some muscle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Aubriana,

You reached a huge toddler milestone! You are officially potty trained and ready to see the world! At least your dad & I are ready to show you the world without having to stop and change a diaper. It's so wonderful!

The first time you used the potty, you were so proud! We didn't even need to bribe you with candy, being your cheerleaders was good enough. Introducing your little personal potty was the best idea your dad had, however, he wanted to train you a lot sooner then I did. I wasn't quite sure if you were ready. But once we moved and got into our own house, you were ready.

DSC_0246 copy DSC_0250 copy

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't always smooth sailing...

You had to strip down completely naked every time you used the potty. Then it was a bear to try and get you to put your panties (or any clothes) on afterward. You thought you were finally free to roam naked. No no no.

Then there were a couple of times when you ran in to go potty on your own and when I walked by the bathroom to check on you, you were standing up over the potty, with your hand on your part and pee ALL over the floor around, not in your potty. Mom then had to scold your dad that if you saw him go potty standing up again, there was going to be some serious problems. We learned from our parenting mistakes and got past that one...

Then the day when we introduced clothes over the panties. Having to take all those things off was just too much for you. I think 4 accidents in 1 day was a little much for your mom.


She didn't give up and the next day was great, except one accident when you were sleeping... OK... now we're getting somewhere right?

Then after a few days of me putting a diaper on you when I put you down for a nap and you screaming at me soon after to take you potty, I realized you were ready to wear your panties to bed again.

Its now been 2 weeks without any incidents!!! We couldn't be more pleased! You still have a little trouble figuring out how to put on your panties yourself and usually give up and run out of the bathroom with them on your head. I'll take that over accidents any day... unless we have visitors over, then its just not appropriate.

Potty Trained

Potty Trained so funny Potty trained and so adorable

Now all we have to do is teach you the difference between pee & poop. When you scream out you've gone Poo poo potty, well, mostly you've gone pee pee potty. But we're working on it. We love you bumble bee!!! Good job!

Mom & Dad

*** To our blog readers... If you care to take a guess as to whether or not Aubriana will have a brother or a sister, there is a poll on the right side of my blog. You have a 50% chance of being right! :) We find out next monday, if the baby cooperates, and let you know if you guessed right! Happy guessing!

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