Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, today was exceptionally messy! Aubriana had the biggest explosion yet! I know its weird that I'm blogging about our child pooping, but hey, at least she poops now! Now we are experiencing all the fun things other parents experience in the diaper world. ;) Anyway, it went all the way up her backside and some had drizzled down her leg and got on her sock! It was BAD! Maybe I should think about trying different diapers??? After using the 10th baby wipe on her, I decided it was time for a bath. So, I ran to get her tub with water and she had pee'd all over her blanket. Stupid me, not putting a temporary diaper under her. I'm learning. LOL! Anyway, she cleaned up nicely and took a long nap.

Me & Bumble Bee after a messy day! :) See... we're still happy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Warm Sunday

After quite a few days of single digits, it finally warmed up outside. It almost made me think spring has arrived. It got up to the 60's today and was a very nice break from the chilling weather. I actually had the screen door opened most of the day and the fan going in the living room. I'm so excited for spring to come. I've definitely had it with the cold and would like to take Aubriana out for a walk without having to make sure she is bundled and her nose doesn't get too cold.

It was also quite the lazy day. Not much going on in our household to speak of. Lots of naps... even our fury children were snugglin up together! :)

Tim loves to style her little patch of hair she has in the back... cracks me up.

These are upclose pics I took of her when she was talking in the video. Her eyes were so huge... had to try and show off her cute eyelashes. The pictures still don't do them justice. You have to see them in person to understand. :)

Aubriana has been getting a little bit more hungry these days. So hungry that she has found her dad's nose to be quite the treat.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I captured a video of Aubriana talking. If we lay her on her back to change her diaper this personality comes right out. I had a little trouble trying to capture it on video. If I put the camera in front of her face to capture her talking she would look at it with huge eyes and never say anything. So, I had to hold the camera off to the side so she could see my face. Otherwise, she wouldn't talk. Sorry if its a little shaky and my voice starts to get annoying... she's more responsive when I talk like that as opposed to Tim's adult voice that never changes in pitch. haha!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Growing Too Fast!

Now when we hold Aubriana, she is determined to hold her head up high and stand up. It cracks me up cause she looks so mature. We can't really hold her like a baby anymore... she doesn't like it and starts fussing. It's fun to see all the changes in her but it makes me sad cause it seems to be happening over night. Part of me wants her to stay little forever. Her osh kosh outfit fit her good everywhere but the waist. Isn't she cute?!!!

On a different note. She has poo'd two days in a row all by herself!!! YEAH! I think she is figuring her body out.

Her first break dancin video... no music though, sorry!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Aubriana loves to go for walks... as does Minnie of course! Yesterday we had her in the snugli while we watch Minnie play with all the dogs at the dog park. This thing really comes in handy when you need some free hands. Tim always wants to take it with us everywhere. Today we went for a short walk to take the trash out and it put her right to sleep. It was great! ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bouncy Chair

Aubriana loves to past the time in her bouncy chair. It vibrates and plays music and she has figured out how to make the toys make noise by swatting at them. She'll sit and talk and smile... and I've managed to catch a little bit of it on video. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Blessing Day

Aubriana looked like an angel on her blessing day. It was perfect! Her dress was gorgeous, courtesy of Grandma Barnes. While we were in Washington, Tim was able to bless her in his parents ward so all the family could be there for it. Her Grandma and Grandpa from my side were also able to attend. Tim gave a very sweet blessing and we had great food afterwards (Thanks Grama Jones!).

Sorry I've posted 3 times in one day but I had to catch up from our trip. ;)


Tim and I took Aubriana on her first trip. It was the Jones Christmas Party so we flew to Washington a couple of days after Christmas. It was such a fun, yet stressful trip. We never realized how hard it was to fly with a baby. She was so good. On our flight there, we sat on the runway waiting for the plane to be de-iced for over 2 1/2 hours. Which put us on the plane for about 5 hours. Aubriana was sooooooo good. Hardly let out a peep. We were so proud of her!

Speaking of proud, I think the below picture was appropriate to post. Its so awesome to have two new babies in the family and barely a month apart. I think Grandpa thinks they are the best babies around.

Christmas Day

We had a low key Christmas. It was just our little new family hanging out. Aubriana wasn't too excited about presents... she would rather sleep. Go figure. I'm sure it will be different next year when she is a year old. I got my wish, the bissel spot cleaner. I'm a freak about dirty carpet and with all the snow and dog and cat in and out, I just can't have it! I surprised Tim with pictures of Aubriana. I took her to Kiddie Kandids and the pics turned out so good! I was too excited to give them to him. He also got his flashlight, as always. :o) It was a good Christmas!

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