Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Progeny #2


My little Timothy Tiger! I love this boy! He is at the 1 year old age where he gets into EVERYTHING! Its so much work to keep track of his messes, but I sure love him to pieces! He is super super tender hearted. You tell him no or scold him in any way, he will break down crying like his heart got broken into a million pieces. He loves to give super wet, slobbery, open mouth smooches. I love them! He's starting to favor his Daddy and follow him where ever he goes, but I'm pretty sure he's still a super mamas boy. At least I can still be the only one that makes everything better. :)  He tries to do everything his sister does and he now will fight for a toy instead of just letting Aubri come up and snatch it. We're constantly working on sharing in our house. ;)

*Just had to share a little about my two favorite little people before they grow and change on me again.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Progeny

DSC_4447 bw

I can't get over how beautiful and grown up my little 3 year old looks in this picture. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time... it goes too fast. My Aubri is full of life. She can make friends where ever she goes and tends to be the leader of the pack. I love to sit back and watch her interact. It reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

Another thing I love about my girl is she really LOVES being in primary. I took her potty when we were in Costco the other day and she was singing all the way, as loud as she could, "I love Jesus Christ! He is my Father!" I immediately shushed her and corrected her that Heavenly Father was our Father in Heaven and Jesus is our brother in Heaven (so confusing for a 3 yr. old). But she didn't care and kept singing it. It was so innocent and so sweet. We love her!

*I got my craft on and made a couple of cute frames for Aubri and Timmy's new rooms. I'll post the final frames tomorrow. Super happy with how they turned out & that I still have the crafty touch.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Last week my sis-in-law Lurlyn and I took our kiddos to the Clark County Fair. I think I want to start making this a tradition every year because the kids have so much fun! All the animals are fun to look at and they loved the rides. It's so expensive though... ugh. Why does everything have to cost so much? Especially when you want to do something fun with your family. One of the fair workers was trying to entice you to come play their games by saying, "only $3.50, that's cheaper than gas."

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves on the fun factor. Beware, it's a picture overload. Always hard for me to choose just some when they are all my favorites. ;)

p.s. I wish I could have a fair in my backyard for my future photography business. I love the backdrop of bright colors and smiling faces.

Ok... here we go. First we started off looking at the sheep, the chickens/roosters, and bunnies. There were some crazy cool chickens! Who knew. Quiz: one of the chickens wanted to peck my eye out and one of them are called "show girls". Can you guess which ones? 
flockers grouped

birds grouped

show birds

bunnies grouped



Now we are on to the goat exhibit. This one was the most fun for the kids because goats like to be pet. They even poke their heads through the wire for more. My little Timmy especially loved this exhibit. I loved the 2 pics of Aubs below... isn't she growing up too fast?!!! :'(
aubs grouped


goatie grouped

goaties grouped 2


Warning: we are onto the reptile exhibit. Not for the faint. (you probably saw the snake pic before you saw my warning... sorry. It was a cool pic. I had to include it.)  The kids loved this exhibit. I think we spent the most time here. They also had a baby skunk, a baby tiger, and a crocodile. Ooooh!
reptiles grouped

turtle grouped
I love this pic below of all four kids.

This year they had a bird show on a pirate ship. It was actually pretty cool. The guy mostly talked about the birds to educate people not to buy them unless they know exactly what they are getting into. The little kids sat thru the first part and then we had to go... too many ants in the pants. I thought it was cool that he trained his birds to collect dollar bills from the audience and then they delivered it to the dish on the stage. Impressive.


On to the rides. Lurlyn started off giving her little Sophie a pony ride. Isn't she cute?!
4x6 tall

So Timmy and Sophie were too small to ride the kid rides this year but the guy that ran the cars let them on. They loved it! If you notice in the pics all of Timmy's expressions. Yeah... he loved it so much that when it was time to get off, he threw a huge fit and clawed my face and pulled out a chunk of my hair. He wanted back on really bad.
cars1 grouped

cars 2 grouped
cars 3 grouped


The train ride. Also a favorite.
train grouped

And the airplane. An adult had to ride with them... sorry Lur. She doesn't do too good going round and round in circles but she sure looks good. ;)


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