Friday, June 25, 2010

2 weeks

Timmy is a little over 2 weeks now. We sure love him! He is a very mellow/calm baby. He only ever cries to let me know he's hungry, and even that cry isn't much. He did have a bit of trouble with jaundice and weight loss when I brought him home, so I had to take him back to the hospital to have him put under the lights. After a couple of days under the lights, his bilirubin went back down and we were able to bring him home. His weight did drop a whole lb during that time. At birth he was 7lbs 15oz and when we left the hospital from having him put under the lights, he was at 7lbs 1oz. As of this morning, his weight is back up to 7 lbs 11.5 ounces. So all is well. I am strictly breast feeding him, so that makes me feel good.

Last weekend I took a few newborn pictures of him. Trying to savor this short time. I nursed him and had him all calm and sleeping... until I took the diaper off. Then he was awake the rest of the time. He pee'd on my bed twice and had a little hershey squirt on a blanket once. So, thankfully I got a couple of keepers in all the mess. :)

This one is my absolute favorite. Captured his personality perfectly.
06 19 10_0277 medium file

This one I took of him wrapped in the beautiful blanket that my sister Lynlee made for him. I love love love the blanket. Must take a better picture of it to show.
06 19 10_0183 medium

06 19 10_0313 copy

These are just priceless to me...
expression collection 2

This is a popular position with my kids. Aubri had her legs like this during her first few weeks of life as well. It's pretty cute.
06 14 10_0323 copy

Snuggle time with dad.
06 13 10_0371 copy

Aubri truly has adjusted well. She has definitely had some whining moments, but she is always wanting to help with her baby brother. She likes to give him mooches and asks to hold him alot. She is very curious about the breast feeding though. Yesterday she lifted up her shirt and placed her doll on her chest and said she was feeding her baby too. I got a good laugh out of it. She has also tapped on my stomach and told me she had another baby brother in there. *sigh* :(

Anyway, I thought the below picture was too cute not to share. Aubri had on her grandma Jones' glasses and sitting on our couch trying to act like a grown up.
06 14 10_0330 copy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Timothy "Tiger" is here!

We had our baby boy! Timothy Edward Jones Jr. arrived Tuesday, June 8th at 12:45 am. He weighed 7 lbs 15.9 oz and 20 inches long. His birthday is easy to remember at least... 6.8.10.

06 08 10_0155 copy

06 08 10_0096 copy

I now know what people are talking about when they say every birth/pregnancy is different. I was induced at 7 am on Monday morning, expecting things to go quickly, but no. I was showing strong contractions on the paper, but I wasn't feeling them. Just a tightening of my stomach. The nurse kept upping my pitocin but they still couldn't get the contractions to come closer. By 5 pm, the nurse convinced me to get an epidural. The epidural was a bit overwhelming. I started feeling pretty numb in the shoulders so I had to ask them to turn it down. Every time my doctor came in to check me, I was not progressing any further. So, my doctor decided to stick a wand (can't remember what they called it, lol!) up in my uterus that determines how strong the contractions really are. My doctor said it has been known to cause some women to go into strong labor and they have their babies within the hour. Well, it worked on me. About 5 minutes to midnight, I felt lots of pressure and the nurse checked me... sure enough I had dilated from a 4 to a 9 in the hour. Within the next 5 minutes, my doctor came in and they had me start pushing. It took 45 minutes of pushing to get him out. The doctor had to suction his head out in the end to help me because his heart rate was dropping fast. He had the cord around his neck. When he was half way out, the doctor told me to reach down and grab him and pull him up on my stomach. That was a new experience for me. It was amazing. He laid there on my stomach, not breathing yet. He was pretty blue, so they took him under the heat lamp and rubbed on him for a few minutes to get him going. He still never cried. It made me very nervous but the nurses and my mom kept trying to assure me he was fine. He was so sweet and quiet. So so precious. I instantly fell in love.

My hubby was a little jealous because he never opened his eyes until they put him back on my chest the second time and I started talking to him. Tim's convinced he'll be a mamas boy. I guess its my turn since Aubriana is quite the daddies girl.

06 08 10_0110 copy

06 08 10_0111 copy

We adore him! Aubriana is such a sweet big sister. She keeps asking to hold him and kiss him on the head. She has to check on him too if he starts crying. He is a bit jaundice right now, so we are working on getting that to go away. He nurses very well, so hopefully it will pass soon.

06 09 10_0078 copy

My mom was able to be there this time and help me during the labor. My mother-in-law came and tended to Aubri. We were so blessed with the help we received and continue to receive. Having 2 kiddos is a big adjustment right now, but we will get use to it. Couldn't be more blessed and happy. :)

The following are pictures I took of him before, during, and after his first bath...

06 08 10_0125 copy

06 08 10_0141 copy

06 08 10_0132 copy

He loved having his head washed. This picture shows his real personality I think. Just so sweet.
06 08 10_0133 copy

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