Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Aquarium

Ok, not really... but it's better! We really love exploring lately. On Saturday, we just went down to the end of the road we live off of when the tide was low. I was walking a little ahead of Tim and Aubriana on the beach and noticed this HUGE orange slimy thingy under a rock. So I yelled for Tim to come look, thinking it was an octopus or something but it happened to be a bunch of starfish! They are HUGE!

Just a few of the many starfish we saw everywhere.
star fish

Aubri always has fun on the beach. Her most favorite thing of all to do is throw rocks in the water. She loves it! She also trys to find the biggest rock there is. It's pretty funny trying to watch her carry it over and throw.

Minnie, our dog, is a freak-a-zoid when it comes to the beach. She won't leave your side if you're by the water. She also thinks the waves are gonna get you, so she is constantly trying to eat the waves. It's pretty hillarious. At first I thought she was just being retarded but then realized she was trying to protect us.

rocks! protective minnie

I wish I could live here... *sigh*
future residence

An airplane was landing in the ocean while we were out there. Cool to watch. It pulled up in front of Moran's Mansion (a historical a place to go). Isn't it beautiful!?
Moran's Mansion

Tim came across a crab on our walk. The crab wasn't too thrilled with us either. It got up on its hind legs with the pinchers in the air. UG! Tim showed us the proper way to pick it up & educated us on the fact that it was a female. Aubriana was like her mamma... it scared her and she kept telling her dad to put it down. We were getting ready to walk away and Tim "insisted" that I pick it up. If you know me... you know I don't like anything with creepy legs... like spiders! I FREAK OUT! But I did it. Can you tell by the look on my face and how far off the ground I had the crab that I was thrilled? The legs were moving all over the place and my skin was just crawling! Didn't really overcome any fears here. More like, never want to do that again! Eeek! :)

Aubri was a little timid about touching the starfish, but we got her to give them little taps on the back. It was pretty funny. :)
tapping the star fish

Just a few more... an attempted group shot of all 5 of us.
group shot

Cute ones of Tim and Aubs.

Tim helping Aubri get ready to touch some starfish in the water and Minnie trying to be her protective self.
protective minnie

Aubri doing a bit of puddle jumping in the water.
DSC_0683 swt clr

Slimy wet moss. It just looked cool to me, so there ya go.

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