Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So Aubriana has had quite the imagination lately. She has been saying some of the most hillarious things. I've been trying to write them down when I can. So here are just a couple that are too good not to share (it helps if you can imagine the cute adorable voice while reading it):

A couple of nights ago she came up to me and said, "I'm sleepy" and I said, "you need to go to bed?" and she said, "yeah, remember, its 90 o'clock mom."

About a week ago I had the baby laying on the bed and Aubri was talking to him all cute like and the next thing I know, little Timmy is crying really hard. So I immediately pick him up trying to figure out whats wrong. I look at Aubri and she's got this guilty concerned look on her face, so I said, "what did you do?!" and she responds, "I bite him toe." I begin looking at his toes to make sure it wasn't too bad (no bite marks at least) and asked her, "why did you do that!" with which she responds, "I just wanted to nibble on dem." It was sad and funny all at once.

This morning, while I was blow drying my hair, Aubs calmly came up to me and said, "your ruining my life mom." Then she calmly headed back to play with her toys. I have no idea where she got that. I just stood there speechless... I thought they say things like that when they're teenagers???

Her bedtime routine now consists of her telling me stories. They are quite interesting. I transcribed her stories tonight while she told them to me because they are too hard for me to remember.

Aubri: Mom, I need to tell you a story okay?
Me: ok
Aubri: the ice cream went away and speal. And it break my heart and it break yours heart. And Daddies heart and Tigers heart and Minnies heart. (I happened to have had ice cream before I put her to bed)

Aubri: What about the cow story?
Me: Whats the cow story?
Aubri: The cow went away and too bad too bad too bad. And too bad too bad too bad. And the princess went away.

Me: trying really hard not to laugh.

Aubri: What about the ball story?
Me: ok, but this is the last one.
Aubri: this one red and taller and tall and this ones big and tall and tall tall tall. Thats all the stories ok. Good night. Good night okay?

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