Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pat on my back...

So I totally have to give myself a huge pat on the back. I hit a milestone in sewing. Seriously proud of myself. I've sewn a few things that are difficult (according to me) in the past. But nothing that came without a pattern or instructions.

When we had Aubriana, we were so excited about a girl, we just went all out. We bought a pink car seat with a matching stroller. Ok ok... it was really just on sale and pink, so it worked.

Well, now we are having a boy and Tim cannot bring home his boy in a "pink" car seat! It's illegal. So I was making plans on buying a new one. I was cringing at the prices. I didn't want to have to buy a new one, when I had a perfectly fine one at home already. So my sis-in-law, Lurlyn, told me about some moms who made their own car seat cover. So we got on etsy and I found and bought a tutorial. It totally looked like my seat in the tutorial... it was a graco, how many different graco seats can they have? Well, it didn't work with mine! Yikes! So I decided to just take the plunge and figure it out on my own. I tore the old one apart and used it as a sort of pattern and just went from there. It took me two days (tending to a 2 yr old in between) but I did it! Its nice when my hubby sees it and says how awesome it is. Makes me feel good. :)

So here is the before... pink and dirty, Lol! (i had already started taking it apart before I thought to take a before photo, whoops!)

The after! We refer to Timmy Jr. as "little Tiger" so I found the cute fabric on fabricworm with a coordinating brown. We're big on nick names around here. Aubriana tells everyone she sees, while pointing at my belly, "this is my baby brother tiger." I still need to figure out, tear apart and sew the canopy. Yikes! :)

Now I'm off to treat myself to a seriously needed hair cut! I wish I was brave enough to cut it all off. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Final Stretch!

Today is the day... next month, that I'll be induced. Hooray!!!

I'm very excited to have our little guy. I can't wait! It will be a fantastic b-day gift for myself. Sometimes I think the little guy is more ready then I am by the way he moves around like he's going to bust through my belly. I can't believe how much he moves compared to Aubs. It's crazy!

I can still see my feet. Barely. :/
feet are still visible

Below are some fun pictures we took last weekend. I love pictures... they say so much.

When the tide is really low, you can walk out to this little Island that is usually surrounded by water. It was a fun adventure.
Orcas Island

I asked Aubriana to strike a pose... and this is what she came up with?!
striking a pose

Tim finding creative uses for a star fish. Or he was just entertaining us... who knows. :)
silly dad!

When we got to the little Island, we found Mother Goose.
goose laying on her eggs

and her eggs (i'm thinking 2's a good number too Mother Goose)
duck, duck, GOOSE (eggs)

wild flowers

more mommy & me

for you mom!

She is so perfect to me. I adore her!
why must you follow me with your camera?

staying at a safe distance, behind her dad, from a little crab.
staying at a safe distance from the crab

just pretty

spreading the weeds, one of Aubri's favorite things to do.
spreading the weeds

I just thought this picture was so cute. Aubri was throwing rocks in the water outside our house and Minnie would not leave her sight. She was so worried about the water getting Aubri. Isn't that sweet?!
protective buddy

We've had lots of rain this past week, so when the sun was setting the other night, it was amazing! The picture doesn't even do it justice. I tried though. We are blessed with this incredible view everday at the new house we are renting.
sunset off the deck

My copyright in the sand. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ouch!... :(

It was a craptacular wonderful Monday... you ever have one of those?

It started with the realization that my brand new tires (like less then 2000 miles new) on the front of my car were completely bald on the outside. Hmmm... somethings definitely not right. My back tires (also new) were completely fine. So, I decide to go to the mainland (yes, thats what we call it when you live on an island) yesterday and take my car back into Les Schwab and have them fix it. They were kind and gave me half off of my alignment but only 10% off my tires. Considering it was my cars fault that my tires went bad, they couldn't do much else for me. Ug... big time money down the drain for the first set of tires I had put on.

Anyway, it was SUPER WINDY yesterday. I mean bad! I had to take the Ferry home, and with the wind and waves, it was a rockin ride back.

In comes the ouchy part of the story.

I can barely keep my balance with my big belly, let alone keep my balance on a rocking ferry. So I grab a seat by the window with Aubri. She is 2 and had been sitting most of the day, so she had some energy to get out. She took off running away from me to go jump from chair to chair. I was thinking that wasn't such a great idea since the Ferry was rocking pretty bad, so I got up and took her off the chairs and told her to come sit with me. She immediately started jumping up and down and throwing a tantrum (I know what you're thinking, how could sweet Aubri throw a tantrum? It does happen... on occasion, haha!). Right when she started throwing her tantrum, the boat hit a wave and she went flying, literally, towards a table that pokes out from the wall and hit right on her eye. She's crying hysterically and holding her eye, which I can't see and hoping there wasn't blood gushing out. Thankfully there wasn't but her eye immediately started to swell up.

Aubriana's 1st & hopefully last shiner. (it looks worse in person)

Am I a mean mom when she says, "mommy, my eyeball hurt!" and I say, "bad things happen when you throw tantrums."

It was of course followed by a hug and a mooch to make it feel better. Thats ok. Right?

1st & hopefully last shiner :(

Don't let this scare you if you ever want to visit. Just make sure you remain seated whenever the Ferry is rocking. :)

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