Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet Kisses

Just sharing a video of Aubriana actually walking. I know my fam hasn't seen her walk yet. She started walking at 10 1/2 months (for my records). She decided to be cute and share a kiss at the end of the video. She is so sweet!

I had to share one more video. Bumble pants just couldn't quite reach the toy at the bottom of her toy box. Good thing I had my camera handy. Too funny!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures Are Priceless

Aubriana and I flew out to Washington this past week to visit family. We had so much fun! We really miss not being around family and makes it all the more fun when we get to see them. Unfortunately Tim was not able to come with us again. We missed him terribly :(

We celebrated two Birthdays while there. Aubriana's cousin Leify just turned 1! I can't believe it! Lurlyn made an adorable cake for him. Tim's sister Dana also had a birthday the day after. Jim bought her a delicious cake which I had wished I got more then 1 slice of. :) For Dana's birthday all us girls went to Time Out For Women in Portland. It was a really good time.

Below are some fun pictures I took of the trip. We went to a pumpkin farm on Leify's birthday and they had all sorts of things to do there. So... I got a million pictures and I'm posting quite a few of my favorites.

tractor ride to the pumpkin patch

The sky looked awesome that night

Aubriana and her cousin Cam playing peek-a-boo

They loved playing in my suitcase when I was trying to pack

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Twilight Trailer

Saw the new trailer on TV tonight and thought it was good... just incase you haven't seen it, I thought I'd share. I was talked into reading the book and couldn't put it down, then read the rest of the series in a week. Crazy, I know... but they're that good. Excited for the movie

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Can't Help It!

I'm a photo-aholic! Is there such a thing? I should start a photo-aholic anonymous club, except it wouldn't be anonymous with all the sharing on the blogs we do.

Aubriana is full of personality and not many of you get to see it because A.) we don't live by you B.) when we visit she becomes shy and ... C.) It's usually first thing in the morning. So, I'm taking it upon myself to show you what I get to enjoy during the day.

Being oh so charming!

Now she's pooped for the day.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Going for Walks...

Going for walks now is a whole new thing. She loves to hold our finger and just go for it. She can actually walk on her own now... but she doesn't trust herself to go very far. She'll take 5 or 6 steps and then get down and crawl the rest of the way. It might have something to do with her lack of walking and just wanting to run... then slamming into the side of furniture because she lost her balance. :)
We take her down to the end of the lane and back. She loves it. She holds both of our fingers and talks the whole way.

Tim was taking her for a walk a little ahead of me so I could take her picture and she stumbled over her shoe and bit the dust. She feels all the more better faster when mom does the comforting ;)

Then she decided she would eat less dirt if she walked with me... lol!
She still loves you dadda. :)

Tim and I still look at each other with huge eyes when ever we catch her walking by herself. Its so fun to watch them discover something new they can do... besides the falling and hitting the head parts.

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