Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Goodness...

yum corn 2, originally uploaded by NJ Photography.

Summer has been a little crazy for us. We went camping last week and had a blast! Mainly because we were in our comfortable, luxurious 5th wheel. We camped out at Farragut National Park, outside of Coeur d'alene, Idaho and went to Silverwood (Roller coaster/water park). It was so nice and relaxing hanging out with family, floating the lazy river and riding some rickity old roller coasters.

Aubriana has changed so much since this summer began! She has a favorite movie, Moners! (Monsters Inc.) and she growls and beggs me.. Moners! Moners! Moners! We've been working on her watching a variety... like Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & The Beast. She seems to like them, but not like Moners!

watching her favorite movie

Aubri says and does funny things every day that make us laugh but I can only think of one thing to share right now... We were driving out to Moses Lake, WA and we passed a cow farm and it started to smell like cow poop and I hear Aubri in the back saying over & over, "Minnie poo poo ucky!" We had a good laugh.

A few more pics from this summer:

by the light

... nieces and brother-in-law playing games by the camp light


... Aubri and her cousin cam cam

rear view

... aubri in the rear view mirrow of the jeep. went for quite a few drives in the nice weather with the wind blowing in our hair. so nice!

curious kittenkittyhungi kitties

... aubri licking the sour cream off a plate and the kittys begging... how can you resist that face?!


... she's taking time out to give her daddy kisses

laying around cuteness!

... alright last one I guess... I have too many pictures to share! I just can't help it, she is one cute toddler! You can see more pics on my flickr if you feel so inclined.

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