Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My totally awesome Aunt Paula tagged me, so here we go...

4 Jobs I've had
1. Janitorials- I cleaned offices with my brother during high school to earn money for colorguard or whatever.
2. Office Manager- I pretty much managed everything at Design West. This is where I did web design as well.
3. Sales Rep- I sold commercial airplane parts for Wencor West in Springville, UT. Was a very complex job with lots and lots to learn.
4. Stay at home mom- by far my favorite job of all.

4 Movies I've watched more than once:
1. Pride and Prejudice - everyone seems to have this as their number 1. I love the 6 hour the most but also watch the newest one over and over as well.
2. Transformers (weird I know, but the movie is brilliant!)
3. Becoming Jane (sad, but sorry I love it!)
4. Fun With Dick and Jane

4 Places I have lived:
Only 4?
1. Raised in Merced, CA
2. Met Hubby while living in Rexburg, ID (Ricks College)
3. Utah (our first home)
4. Colorado

4 Places I have been:
1. Southern Caribbean
2. Oregon/Washington
3. Disneyland (a ton of times)
4. Moab, UT (where the hubby loves to drive the Jeep)

4 Favorite Foods
1. SCONES (has to be fried, preferably made by my mom)
2. EasyMac (don't judge... 1st it's easy, 2nd its cheesy, 3rd its done in 3 1/2 minutes)
3. Chocolate malted crunch ice cream, which I can only find in Merced on a lucky day.
4. #1 from Carls Jr. with a oreo cookie shake.

4 Places I would like to visit:
1. New York
2. DisneyWORLD
3. Europe
4. back to the Southern Caribbean

4 Things I am looking forward to this year:
1. Visiting family
2. All of Aubriana's milestones and turning 1!
3. Swimming
4. Holidays

4 Friends I'm tagging:
1. Lurlyn
2. Jennifer
3. Hannah
4. Elaine

Hope that you learned something about me you didn't know!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Camera, New Pics

Technology is FANTASTIC! I'm in love with my camera. I'm sure I've driven Tim and Aubri and Minnie crazy with all the pics I've taken of them. I needed test subjects, and they were it. Minnie was so annoyed she was trying to hide from me under the covers. Very funny! She's still cute even when she's scruffy. Below are some of my favorite photo's I've taken so far. I can't wait to keep learning more and more.

Lyn was in town for an appt and stopped in to see us. Captured a few cute moments of her and Aubriana together.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Update

This face should say it all about how we are feeling not being in Kansas anymore! LOL! (I was actually singing, "how much is that doggy in the window"... she really likes when you say ruff ruff).

We kinda took our time getting back to Utah. We left later in the day last Thursday and arrived around 4 pm on Saturday. We were pretty tired from traveling and happy we arrived safely. We weren't sure where in Utah Tim would be working. He thought it was a good possibility that he could be working in Santaquin (5 miles south of Payson where we had our house) but he is in fact working in Salt Lake. It was very hot weather the first few days we were here and now its rainy cold. Its nice to see the rain and clouds and not fear a tornado or hail. ;)

Aubriana has changed a whole bunch these past couple of weeks. She rolls all over the floor until she is wedged against something and can't move. She also crawls backwards. She gets on her hands and knees and moves her legs like she is going to move forward and then she pushes herself back with her hands. She's going to figure it out soon because we were watching her hop forward a few times. Her new thing lately is to squeal at everything it seems. She mainly squeals at Minnie. Minnie avoids her like the plague cause all she does is pull her hair. I think when Aubri is older and understands not to pull hair, her and Min will be best buddies. We've also got Aubri eating finger biscuits. She loves them but wow what a mess! Tim also went out and bought her a sippy cup for her juice. She looked like such a big girl, I could hardly stand it!

Aubriana also loves to touch noses and she's always trying to eat my face while making noises. It's rather hillarious. I can't stop laughing when she does it. She is so much fun.

So anyone who knows us, knows how much Costco is our favorite place. Today was an especially GREAT day at Costco. They have their delicious strawberries in season! My favorite. Reminds me of being home in Merced. The strawberries are so huge. So, for dinner I made Tim waffles with strawberries and whip cream. So good! And... my birthday came early this year! I know its not for a couple weeks but close enough! I've been wanting a Nikon DSLR camera for a while to expand my knowledge with photography and they had a huge deal on one today. It even came with 2 lenses, a camera bag, and memory card. AWESOME! I think poor Tim has been blinded by the flashes. I've been testing it out. Very very happy with it. I can't wait to learn more! I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pictures from it soon.

Tim enjoying his dinner! Courtesy of Costco.

Latest page I've made.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Digital and Moving

Once again, we are moving. Tim was called out to work for a company in Salt Lake City, UT. So we are going back this weekend! I'm excited I'll be close to stores and family/friends. Also grateful to get out of this windy/scary place. Thankfully no one will have to send us some sparkley red shoes. Another plus, we'll be near our storage units so I can get rid of some crap. haha! Lots of baby clothes that Aubriana has grown out of and I still have my maternity stuff too.

On another subject... I'm addicted... to digital scrapbooking! It's always frustrating to get all my stuff out to stamp some cards/pages because it makes such a mess. I have to clean it all up right when I finish so it doesn't feel so cramped. I still love doing that sort of thing, I just have to wait until I have my designated room to leave it all out. I'm sure lots of you would agree. Anway, I've been downloading lots of freebie digital scrapbooking kits for my own personal use off of Shabby Princess. I love that site. I've browsed lots and lots of other sites, but I think that one is my favorite. Anyway, thought I would share my first layout I created. Don't judge it too harshly, it was my first one and I tried to keep it simple. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

I thought I've seen it all!

The weather here is CRAZY! My mom says that all things shall give thee experience... haha! Yesterday at about noon, my weather radio was going off like crazy saying there were severe thunderstorms in our county. Well... when there are thunderstorms here, there is a very good chance that a tornado will appear. So, I kept watching the news and they were showing that the storm is right in the middle of our county (Logan County) and saying there were large hail and that people need to stay away from their windows and take cover in a sturdy building. Double HAHA! I'm in a 5th Wheel for crying out loud. The clouds were pretty dark outside but still no rain so I was feeling ok. Then the news came back on and said the storm that was in the middle of our county was starting to head north at about 34 mph. Yikes! We are on the north east corner of the county, right on the edge and it looked to be heading our way. When I looked outside (south direction) I saw a ton of lightning so I grabbed Aubriana and the diaper bag and headed for the laundry room here at the RV park. I had asked the people when we first got here if there was a place I could go in case of a Tornado and they said the laundry room or the bathroom. Nice! Anyway, I was in there camping out for a couple of hours. After nothing really happening except for rain and the hubby on his way home from work, I felt safe to go back to our 5th wheel. We are really blessed where we are cause the very edge of the storm was all that we got, which is just rain. Later on the news we found out that part of our county had 2 tornado's touch down and baseball size hail.

Poor Tim had just gone to bed last night and was woken up by his boss at about 11:30 pm telling him that they had to go out on a storm job. Other counties east of us got our storm but twice as bad. They had 65 mph winds and hail. Tim is out repairing a ton of power lines that blew over with his crew. He said he would take pics for me. I guess they had a barn blow across a highway and everything. Crazy crazy weather here. We are very blessed right now.
(the pictures I included were taken from people in our county and sent to the news station, thought I would share what kind of stuff they show us on the news here)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sorry its been a while. Aubriana and I were able to take a trip to Washington to see family! I was really stressed out about flying with the babe by myself but it ended up not being bad at all. It was fun for her to see her Grandma and Grandpa Jones, considering they haven't seen her since Christmas. Babies change so fast, I'm sure it was like seeing her for the first time. The first part of the trip, Aubriana's little cousin Leify had a fever and wasn't feeling good but he was back to his happy self after a day or two. It was so fun having them together. Aubriana would squeal with excitment everytime he was around her. It was adorable. They even shared toys and fought over binki's. Aubriana is definitely a girl... compared to Leify, she had all sorts of noises to make (very vocal). He was quiet and shy when you talked to him. Hopefully they will be best buds growing up and Aubriana won't boss him around too much ;0)

Grandma Jones just got a bunch of chicks while we were there and Aubriana just loved them! She wanted to touch (squeeze) them. It was too cute not to take a picture of it.
Tim's sister Dana was also able to be there all week with us and had a fun stamping project for us to make. I made mine for my mom for Mothers Day so I can't share it right now, but I will later on. It is too cute! Anyway, we did shopping and ate good food, and missed the hubs while he stayed back in Kansas to work. He is such a good hubby to encourage me to take trips and to be happy. It was such a nice change to be around family all day as opposed to being alone with Aubriana until 8:30 at night. Below are the cutest pics of the kiddos and a cute video. They truly look related!

This video cracked me up with the way they trade off crying and then Aubriana already trying to steal Leify's toys. She's also a little out of control with her arms sometimes... poor Leify was like the punching bag.

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