Friday, November 21, 2008


Not much is going on with us besides that Aubriana got over her bacteria infection and then caught the flu virus. So our poor baby can't catch a break.

The weather here has been crazy as usual. We've had temperatures in the higher 70's and then we wake up to snow in the morning... back up to the 70's and now its starting to get really cold. Aubriana loves to go on walks outside so I love to take lots of pics of her. Sharing my favorite of them all below. She just gets more beautiful every day! I can't believe she will be a 1 year old next week!!! Time is flying by.

winter hat


  1. She is so gorgeous. I can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

  2. What a beautiful girl! It looks like she's feeling better, poor thing. I can't believe she's almost a year!! Wow, that flew by!

  3. What a gorgeous picture! It's too bad that she is still sick. Hope she gets better soon and that you stay well!

  4. Look at the sweet girl! Wish you were coming here for Thanksgiving!

  5. that is the cutest pic!!!!


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