Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I just wanted to thank Lurlyn and Leif for giving us their Condo in Breckenridge, CO this past weekend. Thank you so much! It was so so so nice of them and wished they could have been there. The condo was really nice! The master suite had a huge jacuzzi tub and a two man shower in the bathroom. They had a heated pool where you could swim indoors or outdoors. They also had 2 huge hot tubs outside, 1 inside and a little kiddy pool that we took Aubriana in. It was very family friendly with an outdoor play area and an arcade inside. I say you guys book it again next year but after Thanksgiving when the snow is nice and fresh for snowboarding. Colorado has been a little slow at getting snow this year.

We invited our friends from our ward, Matt & Brindi and their two girls, Mayci (3 yrs old) and Kila (7 weeks old). It was fun for Aubri to play with Mayci and funny to see her so intested in the baby. Tim and Matt took the girls sledding. Aubriana loved it except when I came out there to take pictures. For some reason she cried when she saw me and wouldn't stop till I picked her up... go figure. I wish I had more time to get more pictures but it got dark really fast.

sledding aubs in sled
Tim has been so excited to take Aubriana sledding. He went out and bought this red sled for our little weekend trip. It paid off! :)

holding up aubs

These are the pictures of the condo we stayed in. The view is gorgeous!

snow with aubs

aubs interested in baby
Aubriana was very facinated with the baby. Maybe I should get her a doll for Christmas. :)


  1. How awesome doe that look! I can't believe you have a one year old. She is so dang cute. I love the pictures you take and post!

    Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Wow, looks like a terrific time!! What a great memory-maker!

  3. We wish we could have been there too! It looks gorgeous. We are glad that you were able to go and enjoy it! Otherwise it would have just sat empty!


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