Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can't resist sharing...

During Thanksgiving we went to an awesome place called, Ensign Ranch. It's owned by the LDS church. Beautiful place. The lodge was perfect for the size of our family and so was the kitchen. They had gadgets to use to make food for GIANT people. We cranked out the food too! It was a good thanksgiving dinner. Going to see "New Moon" after was a pumpkin pie treat as well.

Tim's older sister Dana was there with her big family and her new little grand baby, Taygen. She's a pretty little baby but not a happy camper. I took some pictures for them of her and got quite a few winners, but the following two were by far my favorite. :)

all clean!

You can't have a happy baby all the time. It's just not reality people!
so sad!


  1. Cute! And sad! Grant used to go to Ensign ranch for Boy Scouts :)

  2. Cute Taygan ;) She looks more like Cody everytime I see her!

  3. You take such amazing pictures!!!!!!


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