Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Girl!

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Aubriana just turned 2 today! We started off the day singing the birthday song, and she was eating it up. All this attention is great!

I can't believe how much she is rapidly changing. She says very funny things all the time, and is genuinely sweet when she wants to be. Tim has called her "bumble bee" ever since she was in my belly, and now when he calls her bumble bee, she quickly corrects him and says, "I'm Aubriana." She has moved on from calling us mommy and daddy to mom and dad. I didn't think that happened until she became a teenager :(. One other thing she says that really makes me laugh is when she is being really silly she follows me around giggling and saying, "I'm funny mommy, Aubriana's funny!"

She really makes us happy and we are so blessed to have her sweet spirit in our home. We love you, Aubriana!

Mom & Dad :)

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I'll post more pictures of her birthday tomorrow after she has her cute cake. I had to post a couple of pictures I took of her this morning. They were too cute!


  1. Happy Birthday Aubriana!! We love you and miss you so much!!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday! 2 is fun... and hard!!! She is sure sweet :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! She is so adorable What a sweet birthday post for her

  4. I love love love her beautiful brown hair. I can't believe she's 2. It's amazing how much personality she has.

  5. She's so cute! And looks like she's so full of personality!! Funny that she calls you mom and dad. They grow up WAY too fast!!!

    p.s. for potty training - just give her lots of opportunity to use the potty and get comfortable with it! Aspen was really ready for a long time, but one weekend we went and bought her big girl panties and some snacks and talked about it all weekend. Then Monday came and we put panties on her favorite doll and on her and that's what it took. She had several accidents for the first few hours, but once she had a successful "go" she's been awesome. She went on her little potty for about a week and then moved up to the big potty. So I think the key is just to follow their interest and make it fun (oh she is VERY motivated by treats, so that helped, too....peanut m&ms). But don't stress about it or make it a stressful experience. That's what I think. But every kiddo is different and Mia will probably take 4 years to potty train. But good luck!!! Let me know how it goes!!! :)

  6. She is too, too cute!!!!! It is so crazy to me that she's TWO! You guys are such great parents. She's a lucky girl to have come in to your family.


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