Thursday, December 31, 2009

big Big BIG Update

WE MOVED!!! Are you surpised??? I know, your thinking whats new because we move alot, right? Well, this is very different. This is the beginning of the end of moving! YEAH!!! With lots and lots of prayers, Tim was able to get a job with a Utility company on Orcas Island. Yes, you heard me right, an Island. Who knew there were Island's in Washington?! A couple of weeks ago, Orcas Public Utility called Tim in for a 2nd Interview and Aubriana and I went with him. I needed to see what this Island was all about.

sorry, telling my story with pictures... should be use to it by now.

We drove our truck on a Ferry, and relaxed for an hour and we were there! Easier then I had imagined.

this pic taken on the Ferry Ride...
DSC_0256 copy

Aubri and her Aunt Tammy enjoying an ice cream treat on the FerryDSC_0261

my handsome hubby on the Island (it was cold that weekend)
DSC_0273 copy

me, enjoying the ocean breeze
DSC_0271 copy

the beach by the condo we stayed
DSC_0270 copy

Anyway, Tim's interview went really well and they gave him the job!!! We were thrilled! It was an answer to our prayers. Thank you to all our family who included us in your prayers. Thank you!

We moved to the Island last weekend, right before Christmas. Thank you to the Huber family for all your help and putting up with us. Also to my sister-in-law Tammy, she is amazing for everything she did for us and I will miss her so much! Also our nephew's Cody & Ashton, thanks for helping Tim with your manly powers! :) I better move on, I'm feeling emotional.

Here is a little tour (using my photos of course) of our place we are renting and our fantastic view from our balconies. My family has been awaiting the pictures.

the house...
DSC_0275 copy

the following is of Tim & Aubriana in the first doorway to go upstairs to the front door, then of Aubriana playing in her new closet, and the 3rd floor balcony out the master room and Aubriana's bedroom
DSC_0276 copy DSC_0287 copy DSC_0295 copy

this is one of the many fantastic views out our windows...
DSC_0335 copy

and this is at the end of our road...
DSC_0338 copy

Now here is another cool thing... we live a mile from the 4th largest state park in Washington. Moran State Park. It's simply a breath taking drive through and at the top is Mt. Constitution, a tower, where you can see all the way around the island, all the other islands, and CANADA! We are not far from Canada. To all the Twilight fans, you can see Vancouver, Canada where Twilight is filmed. Vancouver is also where the winter Olympics will be next year, so come visit me!!! :)

we got to Mt. Constitution almost at sunset, so my pics are dark...
DSC_0327 copy

a not so great picture of all of us at the top right before my battery died :(
DSC_0331 copy

Thats it for now. I've got to close this post soon... but wait... a couple more things since its the Holidays...

Just a little news...
DSC_0313 copy

We are expecting another baby!!! I'll try to answer any questions you have... lets see... I'm almost 17 weeks along. Oh, we are due JUNE 13th. Right before Tim and I's 10th Anniversary. I've always wanted to have a June baby :) Yeah for sharing birthday months! I don't care if its a boy or a girl, but we find out in January. We'll keep you posted. I have a feeling that its another girl, but Tim is still unsure. He would really like to have a boy to name after himself... cause he loves his name so much, LOL! If it is a girl, I might be stuck with her name being Timberly, J/K! haha! I think thats it. It came as a bit of a surprise when we found out, but we are very excited!

Just a cute picture of my adorable 2 year old :)
DSC_0353 copy

And this is better late then never, right?!
DSC_0455 copy 2

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Ours was very memorable this year! :) Also, if you're ever in the Seattle area, or in Washington at all, or you want to just come and visit us, please do! We're only a Ferry ride away.


  1. WHAT A GREAT POST!!!!!!! Congrats to Tim on the new job. Congrats to you both on baby number two! (I love June babies - that might be why I have three!)

    And I just have to say that I think you could very possibly be living in the most beautiful place on earth!! I would LOVE to come visit!

    I'm so happy to see and hear how well you guys are doing! I miss you!!

  2. CONGRATS!! The new job, the house (that's only a ferry ride away), and the baby!! My due date was June 13th with Casen, but he was so excited to be apart of our family he decided to be a May baby and was born May 30th. Very unforgettable day and wouldn't change it, but I thought for sure I was having a June baby. :) I'm excited to hear if you are having a boy named Tim or a girl named Timberly. haha. ;) so funny! Glad you are well and Merry holidays! Happy 2010!!! (Jen Noble:)

  3. WOW, that's lots of great news all in one post! Congrats on the move. My bro and sis in law live on an island in Wa, they live in Otis Orchards near Seattle. I LOVE WA!! Even though we're on the other side as you guys, we still LOVE it! Your new house is adorable! CONGRATS on the baby too, how awesome.

  4. Congrats all the way around! I'm totally jealous of where you live, it looks so BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like 2010 is going to be a great year for you guys! :)

  5. Wow that looks like a beautiful place to live. We may be up to visit! Love the update!!!


  6. Oh my goodness!!!! So many EXCITING changes! I'm thrilled for your family (job, move and BABY!!!) Congrats!

  7. You have had so much going on! Congrats on the baby, the new job, the beginning of the end of moving and all those fun things! So exciting!

  8. Wow, so many exciting changes! I loved those views from your house and surrounding areas. I have always wanted to go to WA, but still have yet to make it up there. Congrats on the expected baby, our due dates are only a few days apart! Good luck with the new house and the pregnancy!

  9. Oh my goodness, congratulations on baby #2!!!!!! I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl.
    I love your new house, and that island is AMAZING!!!!!!
    COngratulation, and I hope it all works out just wonderfully for you guys

  10. Wow Nicole! I am totally jealous of where you now live and a big congrats to you and your lil' fam on the baby! I'm so excited for you guys and hope we can come visit you sometime, I'd love to see the Olympics, but they start kind of soon and we'll see. Love the baby bump--adorable!

  11. Congrats Congrats Congrats on it all!!! The job,the move, and ESPECIALLY the BABY!!!! Yay!!! Very exciting!!!! :)

  12. Wow I'm really jealous. I pulled Justin in to show him and we both got jealous. And congrats on the baby!!!

  13. Love the pics. We are excited to come and visit. Sophie has those same jammies that Aubs is wearing and Leify has them too, only his are blue of course ;)


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