Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This post may seem silly, what can I say...

Ok, as a Dyson vacuum owner, I'm already a huge fan of their product and think the inventor is a pure genius. I'm an even bigger fan now that I've tried the Dyson hand dryer.

I'm not one to use public bathrooms but my hubby and I were out of town this past weekend in Kennewick, WA, hanging out for some us time, and I was left with no choice. I was ok with it because it was a Costco bathroom. Another huge bonus to Costco for investing in the Dyson dryer in their bathrooms. Costco rocks! :)

Have you used one of these Dyson hand dryers?!!! AMAZING! My hands were dry in seconds. Those other hand dryers are a big pet peeve. I never even bother and just wipe hands on pants if there are no paper towels handy. How do we get more of these in public restrooms??? When I was leaving the bathroom, I was overhearing some teenagers telling their friend they had to go in the bathroom and try the dryer. I wish I could afford one in my bathroom.

Ok. I'm done raving about this product. I'm going outside now. :)


  1. LOL! You crack me up Nicole, only you would post about the dyson hand dryers ;)
    I need to go to our costco and see if we've got these!
    You are too funny :D

  2. I was just at that Costco the other day and was super impressed with them, too!! :)

  3. We have those in our Costco too!! I love them!!! They scared Evan at first but then he thought they were cool.

  4. COOL!!! I'll have to look out for those. = )

  5. :) What a neat product! Who doesn't love Mr. Dyson?!

  6. Hey I had the same experience with the hand dryer, but I had no idea it was a Dyson. I too am a dyson vacuum cleaner owner, I LOVE it. I've had it for 5 years and it's still going strong.... though I really should clean the filter :)


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