Sunday, August 10, 2008

We've Moved (AGAIN!)

We have been sent back to Colorado where we stayed before. This post is all about my bragging rights. The above picture is of me with our super LONG truck and our house on wheels (35 footer) after we just pulled into our site. I drove it all the way from Utah to Colorado... thru Denver traffic at 5pm and to our RV site... I let Tim park it though. I'm not good at that yet (I did try). I was very proud of myself and Tim was soooo impressed. He was driving the Jeep behind me the whole way. He called me right before we got into Denver and told me I could pull over anytime I wanted and he would drive it the rest of the way. That was sweet of him to offer but, hello, I am woman! No seriously, I wouldn't have driven it through traffic if I didn't feel confident.

Our old ward missed us! It was exciting to see everyone again and they were happy to have us back. Aubriana and I already have a play date tomorrow. Yeah!

Side note: Don't you LOVE the summer olympics?!! I do!


  1. Way to go Nicole! It is such a great feeling of accomplishment to be able to do something that you have never done before and do it well! I'm glad you got to move back with friends!

  2. I'm glad you have such a great can-do attitude! You're back in Colorado just when Andrea and Justin left on Saturday. Are you coming to Idaho when Tyler and Marilyn visit?

  3. Wow, Nicole!! That is WAY impressive! You go girl!!!

  4. You tell me when you can have a family party, and we'll work it out!

  5. Pish, I always knew you were a bad momma. No big news to me. ;)
    Yes, I love the summer olympics. Leif and I stayed up wayyy to late last night watching them.

  6. Your awesome. Sad your not in Utah but glad your somewhere you've been before.


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