Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Realized today...

That church will not be the same for a while. I have a very energetic baby. The past couple of Sundays, during Sacrament meeting, I've spent in the hallways. If Aubri's not squealing to the top of her lungs, she is throwing her toys aside and slapping the back of the bench or anything she can find that will make noise and trying desperately to crawl away from me. If I grab her, she starts to scream in protest and I have to quickly exit the area due to the glares I get from the older people who somehow have forgotten what it was like when they had small children.

I've realized, before I had a child of my own, that I was hard on other parents in my thinking. I would wonder why they couldn't control their child and take them out a little faster so it wouldn't disrupt others. LOL! I still think you should take your child out if they are being disruptive but sometimes it's hard to tell if you can calm them down right away with something or if they will protest even more. Am I giving you any idea of the personality my cute little girl has? She so got it from Tim. I really think its the crowd of people that gets her crazy but I'm grateful for comfortable chairs in the hallway and the fact that Relief Society is in the Chapel so I can sit at the very back and let Aubriana crawl around and leave immediately if I need to. Sunday school... well, we didn't make it to that one. Not even a bottle would help an overly tired child in a hot, crowded room of adults. Hopefully I'll get something out of the lessons next time. ;)

I couldn't resist sharing the above photo I took with my phone after I had gotten home from church. She has that look of "What Mom?" I love her to pieces!!!


  1. Your child is perfect ... perfectly normal! You are teaching her obedience and practicing obedience at this stage by going to church even though you don't get to do much listening! Keep up the good work!

  2. WElcome back to CO! :) I totally know what you mean about kiddos and church...its hard. But it has to get better, right? :)


  3. I feel sometimes like church is such a hassle, but then in the two seconds I actually have to listen I hear something I really needed to hear. I know I am supposed to be there. Gospel Doctrine is absolutley impossible. As soon as I open the door to walk in he starts screaming.


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