Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Montana Trip

Tim, Aubriana and I were privileged to tag along with Tim's parents to one of their NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) meetings. This summer it was held at The Lodge on Whitefish Lake. It was so gorgeous there! My ideal getaway for sure. Leif, Lurlyn and little Leify were also able to come. We met up with Leif & Lur at the Spokane airport and let the boys rent their dream vehicle... the mini van. They loved it... the smoothest ride around. They really hated it. Every time we stopped for fast food, they made sure to tell whoever was handing us the food that it was a rental. LOL! Boys are so weird. Anyway, we actually stopped off in Silverwood where they have roller coasters and took some awesome rides and actually ran into Tim's older two sisters with their families. It was awesome! We got to see everyone on the trip by chance. :0)

The trip was relaxing. Lurlyn and I got facials one day with a little shopping before with my Mother-in-law. Tim and I took out the Jet Ski's the next day and tried to soak each other many many times... good fun. We later took out a boat and the jet ski's and everyone took turns having fun.

Before we flew out of Spokane we drove over to Tim's sister Tammy's house in Moses Lake, WA and hung out with her family. It was actually Tammy's birthday so we arrived just in time for ice cream cake, yum! It was great visiting with them even though it was very short. We were able to take everyone out for breakfast and visit before we left for the airport. It's great to see everyone especially when the nieces and nephews are getting older and changing so fast.

I took tons and tons of pictures of our trip so I'll share some of my favorites. You can check out the rest on my photobucket here: Whitefish Album.

Whitefish Lake

The Lodge & The Condos where we stayed

Gorgeous Sunset and the cousins hanging out in their strollers

Leif & Lurlyn out in the Kayaks

Tim & Aubri and my beautiful Mother-in-law

Aubri and her new little friend (kinda). The little girl teased the babies with her toys and would smack them in the face if they tried to get the toy. Tim and Aubri were grabbed by the big bear in the lodge.

Bumble Bee playing with her Grama & Gramps

Us girls took a gondola ride up to the top of the mountains and it was awesome!

Pool pictures!

boat fun

Great great weekend of fun. I know that was a ton of pictures to look at but if you could believe it, I took 75 pics that I love.
Oh wait... one more! haha!

Leif's catch of the day! I don't think he's gonna like this picture on the blog but it was too funny not to share.


  1. Hehe, love that you added Leif's big catch!!
    The bear picture is still cracking me up. I never got around to taking our pics with it! We had so much fun! We'll hve to make a trip back to Silverwood sometime when the kiddos are a little older ;)!

  2. Okay, you picutes of the sunset and canoers are AWESOME!!! You could probably sale copies of the canoe one. . .I would look into Stock Photography web-sites and uploading these.

  3. Your pictures are fantastic! Looks like a beautiful place.

  4. What a fun trip! Your pictures really do look awesome. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Wow! Sounds and looks like the perfect vacation!!! Gorgeous pictures! FUN!!!!!

  6. THANK YOU for your food suggestions. That helps me a lot. I just wasn't sure what to give her, so thanks a bunch!

  7. Great pictures!!! Those are awesome!


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