Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Past Week In Photo's

This past week has been pretty busy in a good way. Tim is still working on his Jeep, getting it ready for Moab this weekend. I'll post photo's of that later. We received a visit from Tim's long time friend, Jason, including his wife with their 4 cute kids. They actually have a 4 month old little girl who Aubriana thought was fun to pick on. She was trying to smack her face and poke eyes and all... Had to keep my eyes on her the whole time. Aubriana loves little kids so she had fun while they were here. We took their kids to the pool and they had a blast! It was so fun to see them.

My friend Cindy came down and hung out with us for a day. I made her dinner... meatloaf, corn on the cob, and my first potato salad... I know I know... its sad. It's so time consuming but WAY worth it for the summer. I was actually craving my sister-in-law, Dana's, potato salad but she was gone to girls camp and I unfortunately had to find my recipe off of allrecipes.com. It was still pretty good and it gave me tips on how to cook the potato's and stuff. Not bad for my first time. Cindy and I took Aubriana swimming and after we all had dinner she babysat Aubriana while Tim and I went to watch the movie, "Hancock". It was really good incase you are wondering. We wanted to see the new Batman movie but it was completely sold out. Aubriana was pretty good for her first time being babysat by someone other then family. It was so fun to come home to her squealing and giggling as soon as she saw us come through the door. She definitely knows who her parents are ;)

We also hung out with Corby and Aspen and their little boy Draven, our old neighbors. They are expecting another boy at the end of November and it's always fun to see them. We are so lucky to have so many good friends.

This week will be just as busy but I'll try to update my blog when I can. We are getting very excited! While Tim, his Dad & Brother go to Moab this weekend, Aubriana and I get to play with Lurlyn and Leify. They are flying in Thursday and we can hardly wait!


  1. What fun times! I love summer because of all the fun things that happen and I'm excited that you three are getting to enjoy it as well! Hooray for being able to go on a date!

  2. 3rd row all the way to the left she TOTALLY looks like Leify. They could be twins! It's so fun to see the resemblence in the two of them. I can't wait...I'll be there TOMORROW!! Yay!


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