Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Visits!

Aubriana and I were lucky enough to have Lurlyn and little Leify come and play while Tim went Jeepin' in Moab with his Dad and brother Pat. It is so fun to watch the two kiddo's, who are only 6 weeks apart, interact with each other. Who knew that Aubriana was going to be really stingy with her toys already?!!! Yeah, she cried when Leify would crawl next to her or even look at her sideways if she had a toy in her hand. It was pretty funny at first but then I started to feel bad. Good thing Leify is so easy going (Isn't he ADORABLE! His eyes can melt you!).

We had fun even though it was scorching HOT! We took the the kids to The Gateway (an outside shopping place here in Salt Lake City), The Hogle Zoo, swimming, and we dragged them to craft stores of course! Below are some fun photo's I took...

Definitely not happy!

I'm outta here!

strollers are much more interesting!

Lurlyn & Leify on a carousel ride at the zoo.

Getting ready to go on the carousel ride.

Lur in front of the Zebra's.

Mom, baby, baby, mom! This baby giraffe was born on Nov 28th, a day after Aubriana. Thought that was pretty cool! I LOVE Giraffe's... they're so fascinating. I know I'm weird.

taking a Binky break in the shade.

Can't forget the animals... bear, giraffe, ghost of the zoo and elephant.

For those that want to see all the photo's, I have it uploaded on my photobucket. Click HERE.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I'm glad you had someone to do things with while Tim was away. I love your pics!

  2. I love these pictures! We had so much fun :) If you can remember bring his floaty with you to Montana so that Aubri and him can swim again! :)

  3. Those are so fun! Looks like a fun visit. Coming to Idaho again any time soon?

  4. Oh my gosh! You're in Salt Lake? I wish I knew that, I would have met up with you while I was there! Rats!! Looks like you guys had a way fun time. What beautiful babies!


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