Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Party Time!

I am a big fan of cakes, er, make that frosting. I LOVE making cakes for my kiddos and in this case, my hubby. The man loves golf, so I thought it would be awesome to bring a golf course into this house this year! Ha!

Here is the play by play:

First I baked 24 spice cupcakes, if you want a hint on making a box mix taste like homemade, click HERE.

***Tip: Use a 1/3 measuring cup when filling up your cupcakes. It will give even, perfect sized cupcakes almost every time without having to much or too little leftover***

While those were baking I smashed about 8 graham cracker cookies in a Ziploc bag for the sand trap...or whatever that's called.

You can also prepare your pole/flag. Mine is a pretzel stick and a fruit roll up. I just cut it into a diamond shape and wrapped it around.

Now you're going to want to make your frosting, I used my own recipe for cream cheese frosting.

6 of the cupcakes will be used in the sand trap I used some untinted frosting and put some on those cupcakes to make the graham crackers stay put. I also reserved some of the frosting and put it in the freezer to make the golf balls...More on that later.

Then I tinted the frosting using Wilton's "kelly green", I used Wilton tip #18 to make the grass effect. The fairway is just simply spread, and the "green" is dusted with green sugar.

For the final touch I rolled tiny balls of frosting I had put in the freezer to make the golf balls.

The Hubs loved it, I am a huge fan of making cupcake cakes!

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