Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ouch!... :(

It was a craptacular wonderful Monday... you ever have one of those?

It started with the realization that my brand new tires (like less then 2000 miles new) on the front of my car were completely bald on the outside. Hmmm... somethings definitely not right. My back tires (also new) were completely fine. So, I decide to go to the mainland (yes, thats what we call it when you live on an island) yesterday and take my car back into Les Schwab and have them fix it. They were kind and gave me half off of my alignment but only 10% off my tires. Considering it was my cars fault that my tires went bad, they couldn't do much else for me. Ug... big time money down the drain for the first set of tires I had put on.

Anyway, it was SUPER WINDY yesterday. I mean bad! I had to take the Ferry home, and with the wind and waves, it was a rockin ride back.

In comes the ouchy part of the story.

I can barely keep my balance with my big belly, let alone keep my balance on a rocking ferry. So I grab a seat by the window with Aubri. She is 2 and had been sitting most of the day, so she had some energy to get out. She took off running away from me to go jump from chair to chair. I was thinking that wasn't such a great idea since the Ferry was rocking pretty bad, so I got up and took her off the chairs and told her to come sit with me. She immediately started jumping up and down and throwing a tantrum (I know what you're thinking, how could sweet Aubri throw a tantrum? It does happen... on occasion, haha!). Right when she started throwing her tantrum, the boat hit a wave and she went flying, literally, towards a table that pokes out from the wall and hit right on her eye. She's crying hysterically and holding her eye, which I can't see and hoping there wasn't blood gushing out. Thankfully there wasn't but her eye immediately started to swell up.

Aubriana's 1st & hopefully last shiner. (it looks worse in person)

Am I a mean mom when she says, "mommy, my eyeball hurt!" and I say, "bad things happen when you throw tantrums."

It was of course followed by a hug and a mooch to make it feel better. Thats ok. Right?

1st & hopefully last shiner :(

Don't let this scare you if you ever want to visit. Just make sure you remain seated whenever the Ferry is rocking. :)


  1. Oh poor Aubs. Leify said, "Oh no, what happened Aubri"nana" eyeball?!?"

  2. oh poor aubry. that does look painful.

  3. You be careful to big momma, I'm glad you didn't get hurt as well, being so pregnant. Poor Aubri! Have you had anyone accuse you of child abuse yet?! People get so suspicious when Mason has bruises all over---not the best of walkers yet:)

  4. Ouch for sure! Poor little thing.

    My kids always hear, "Bad things happen when you don't listen to Mom."

    Don't feel too bad. I hope Aubri gets feeling better soon!


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