Friday, April 16, 2010

The 411...

On Wednesday I had a Dr.'s appt and was told they were going to do a 3D ultrasound of our baby. So Tim took work off to go with me. I was soooo excited! We had a 3D when I was about 28 weeks with Aubriana, and it was so awesome. We looked at the 3D pictures for days after, like we were obsessed. It's so exciting to see what they look like. This time around wasn't as exciting. It doesn't really help that I don't quite care for my doctor. She hurries thru every appt like she's a robot and not really thinking about me & how I could possibly be feeling, or if I may be having any problems. I also have to remind her to check things... like my thyroid! Since I have hypothyroidism, my levels need to be checked at least every other time. She was also scheduling me to come back in another 4 weeks until I said, "shouldn't you be seeing me every 2 weeks now?" A tad frustrating. I was so spoiled by my AWESOME doctor in Englewood, CO when I was prego with Aubri. I so wish I could have Dr. Granadillo again... I miss her :(.

Any who... we had a 3D ultrasound, did I mention that already? Even though it went really quick, we were able to take home a dvd copy of it with some not so great pictures. Technology, isn't it amazing?! The Dr. comfirmed, once again, that its a boy. Yeah!

I think his face looks quite a bit like Aubs did in her 3D pictures... so it looks like its gonna be another mini Tim, besides the fact that my nose gene is very strong.

Another comforting thing we found out... he is head down and curved in my belly. In my earlier appts, my dr. was telling me that the baby was completely sideways. I was a bit worried about it, considering the fact that its a breach position. My belly is completely lopsided. It bulges out on the left side big time, which puts my belly button off center. Looks a bit weird to me and I get stares quite often. :/

He is definitely a cutie but looking a bit crowded.

Sorry, I seem a bit negative. I've caught Aubri's sickness and we are moving this weekend (a tad stressed). We are all super super excited to meet our little guy. I can hardly stand another month.

A little update on Aubriana...

She is in the best moods in the morning time... not so much when she wakes up from her afternoon nap. Kind of a grump.

She now knows all her colors and LOVES to quiz us about them all the time. Now she is focusing on numbers it seems. I catch her counting all the time. She'll even count up to 16 (skipping a few numbers inbetween of course). :)

She is still crazy about princesses. I got a CD of all the disney princess songs and she wants to listen to it all the time. She knows which princess goes with which song before any singing even starts. She has an extremely good memory.

She is attached to me all day long. She has to be wherever I am and tell me things almost 100 times before she moves on to something else. Its a bit trying on my nerves sometimes, but I love our girl! :)

She loves daddy time too! She is truly a fun 2 year old that makes us laugh pretty much every day.
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  1. Hang in there Nicole! Is it too late to switch doctors? That just doesn't seem right that you have to remind her of things.
    Aubriana is as cute as ever!

  2. 58 days? That's nothin'. Maybe Aubrianna is feeling a little clingy because she knows the baby is coming?? She's so adorable.

  3. That is awesome! I thought you just barely moved, or was that the house you got and you just haven't moved in yet?! Yay, for boys, I'm glad he's healthy and head down. Do you have a name?

  4. I love your updates. It was fun to see the little guy. So sorry you are feeling sick. Why are you moving?

    I loved that photo of Tim and Aubri. LOVE their faces. Thanks for this great blog so I can see you guys occasionally and hear how things are going.

    Love, Rebecca

  5. you're moving again??? Where to?
    I love the 3D ultrasounds, they're the best.
    I'm so sorry your Dr isn't "stellar" hopefully she'll be a little more concerned about you as you see her more often and she remembers you a little better

  6. I am a little puzzled. Did I miss you saying where you were moving to? Anyhow, love the 3D ultrasound! Aubri is so grown up!

  7. I love the 3d ultrasounds. They're very cool. I think Colorado doctors are just better, period. I LOVED my ob in Colo Springs, and did not love my ob here. :( But hang in there, your little man will be here soon! :)

  8. Sorry things have been stressful for ya. So excited for little Timmy. Love you guys, give Aubs a smooch from Leify and I.


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