Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bling Push Pin Art

Ok! This was an awesomely EASY project to tackle. I have so many projects on my To Do list that I decided this was a good one to start with. Yeah!

I saw this idea on Pinterest. It was just basically a picture... no tutorial or website to go to. So, I decided to come up with my own tutorial. This is a really cheap project. You basically just need 1- 12x12 white canvas, 2 packages of push pins (Walmart), letters, and a pencil and scissors. Thats it!

To make the letters, you just need a program... microsoft word, photoshop... I don't know, whatever you have that you can print a font of your choice. I used my photoshop. I opened a plain white file using the size 8 in x 8 in. The font I chose was Times New Romans in Bold using the size of 380px. I just tried to fill up the whole white space with my font. Here is my screen shot (click on image to see it larger):

I printed out LOVE on card stock. I needed something thicker than printer paper for tracing the font onto my canvas. After you cut out the letters, place it onto your canvas how you would like it, then trace it on your canvas with a pencil. Then you are ready to start layering your push pins to create your blingy (yes I made up that word) art!

You may get intimidated about how to put your push pins in your canvas, but trust me, the more you do it the faster you will get. Sometimes you need to put the pins in at an angle. You'll get the hang of it. Hopefully my pictures below will help you... :)

(side note: The push pins stay very well in the canvas. You don't have to worry about them falling out. It also helps that the push pins overlap each other. I have yet to have one fall out.)

Look at that!!! How fun is that?!!! I LOVE IT! You can use this tutorial to make a number of things like this... put together your own words or just someones initials or a silhouette, chevron, anything really. So cool! So BLINGY!

I plan to use this in a collage with more 12x12 canvases of pictures of my little family but for now, I'm displaying it on my fireplace with my wedding photo until I can get the other ones done.



  1. Love this!! Would be cute as a robot outline, too :)

  2. Do the push pins stay pretty well or is there a secret to how they stay put.

    1. The Push pins stay really well because they overlap each other. That helps to secure them. I have yet to have a push pin come out. Hope that helps! ;)

    2. Awesome. Thank you :)

  3. what size push pins did you use?

  4. did you have to cover the back over at all please?


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