Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Adventures...

My family is adventurous. We really like to explore and be in nature and since we live near Mt. Rainier, we decided to a get a year pass and go play. Since this is really our first Spring here in the Seattle area, I didn't really know what to expect and really really wanted to hike to Myrtle Falls. Unfortunately, there is way too much snow still.  We got to the Paradise Visitor center and couldn't go any further due to the 10 ft of snow on the roads. Yikes! So we will have to go sometime in August when hopefully the snow has melted by then.

But... we were able to take a hike to Christine Falls even though there was still a little snow on the trails. It was a beautiful hike. My kids loved it.

This is the view of Christine Falls from the road. Gorgeous!



Yes, unfortunately we are those types of parents that keeps our kid on a leash. Never had to with Aubri, but this kid likes to take off. So for safety sake... we look ridiculous and get a lot of stares from people. Oh well. Haha!


I'm trying to get a picture of Tim and the kids in front of the falls but as you can see they were scared to death of the long drop behind the rock wall.



Aubri was our leader!



The end of the trail. The bridge over top of the waterfall.



Heading back down...


Our shoes of choice. Love them!


Aubri 4 interview

On our way to Narada Falls/ Paradise point.



Narada Falls is mostly still frozen but still beautiful!



Timmy always, without fail, has one of Tim's tools in his hand. We had to take a little break so he could stab the snow with his screw driver.

snow stabbing

The restrooms still covered with snow past the windows...

comfort station

Cute little birds that kept following us and Aubri doing a dance pose for me in the parking lot.


It was the best way to spend the day with my little family! 


  1. Beautiful pictures. I am seriously in love with the one of the kids screaming for dear life by the cliff. Haha! And Tiger, stabbing the snow....He is SUCH a boy!! And yes, that kid needs a leash, I don't know how you keep up with him, he is SO busy!

  2. I LOVE these photos!!! Such a cute little family!!! Don't feel bad about the leash, we have to do it with Addison as well. :) Not so much now but before it was a must.. Looks like some fun hikes.. Miss you guys. Love you.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the pics and there's absolutely nothing wrong with putting your kid on a leash. I wish more people would do that.

  5. Cute pictures. I had my son with a monkey until he was 4. He has grown out of it now. My daughter was a lot more controllable when she was younger.


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