Sunday, February 19, 2012

January Weather | Jones Style

I'm slacking on my blog and needing to catch up. January was an interesting month. Seemed to have gone by pretty quick. But not without a little snow and ice.

The Day of the Snow...

Poor Timmy fell and didn't know what to think about the cold snow on his hands.

Making a snow ball to throw at her brother. 
Snow Angel time!
Those eyes!
snowy 2

snowy 4
Timmy's favorite... the spider boots. Thanks Lur! ;)
She's busy concentrating on building a snow castle!

snowy 3
His mischievous look. I love this boy!

snowy 1


**My next post... the day after the pretty snow, ice rain. 


  1. Great pics Nicole! They're so adorable!!!

  2. Nicole, your children are beautiful and your photography exquisite. :)

  3. These pictures make me happy, and make me miss those little cuties so much! Aubs doing the snow angel, and Tiger with his "I'm too cute to be punished for being naughty" face are my favorite! What are you going to do with that boy?!? HAHA!

  4. Such cute kids!!! I love how you capture their expressions so well. We miss you guys. Love you...


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