Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

...I'm just barely posting the pics from our adventure to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago. We all had fun searching for our perfect pumpkins and taking in the fall colors and the crisp air that comes with it. The kids had a blast. Whats not to like about roaming around in a muddy field?! Little Timmy's pants will prove how much fun it was.

Tim found Mosby's farm not too far from our house. In fact, you could probably see it from our house if we didn't have some trees in the way. They had a little maze for the kids to play in, a hay ride towed by a tractor in 6 inch mud, and a field full of pumkins! It was a great time!

My hubby is so amazing! He works nights and sleeps until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  He makes sure he makes time for me and the kids no matter how tired he is. Love you Hubs!


Ah... the pumpkin and ghost that Tim and I were stuck with most of the time there because thats all Timmy and Aubri wanted to do. Most of my pics contain them... sorry. But there are some good/funny ones to look at. ;)

This one speaks for itself. Daddy is so SCARY!

The girls turn...

Both kids! 

Tiger wanted me to fit my head in there with him. LOL! I can explain... I thought my bum was covered by the pumpkin... then I saw this picture. Seriously gave myself a good laugh.  


Last one... I promise. :)

So Aubriana left her sweater in the car and complained that she was cold. Somehow, being carried on her dads shoulders kept her warm? Go figure. She did this pose all on her own. 

My job was to tow Tiger around in the wheel barrel so he wouldn't keep heading for the huge mud puddles. 

The kids taking turns with Daddy on the hay ride.
grouped 2


DSC_7389 bw

*So funny! They had these big boxes of "baby" pumpkins that the kids wanted... well, Tiger wasn't going to settle for the one in the front, he had his eyes on the one near the back. So he kept falling in the box of pumpkins...

...there, he found the one! Hallelujah!  

grouped 1


  1. Cute pics, Nicole. And, your bum sticking out gave me a good laugh this morning, too! Haha!

  2. I love the pics. And the booty picture of you!!! LOL.. So the last pic of Timmy I can just see your dad... Not sure why, just made me think of him... Hope you are well. Love ya.

  3. Here are my thoughts as I viewed your pictures.

    Do we have a place like that around here? Wish we did.

    Your legs look great in those jeans and boots.

    Timmy doesn't look like a baby anymore.

    I'm glad you let Timmy play in the pumpkins. Uptight parents aren't that fun and have obnoxious kids.

  4. you have such a cute family! :)

  5. omg!! cute bootie!! ha ha! I love your pics! Aub's and Tiny Tim are so so cute! I love them! I miss you!


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