Wednesday, September 28, 2011


siblings <3

I'm sure, by looking at this photo, you're guessing that my post is about lovey stuff. It's not. In fact, its about lying/telling little fibs. It starts really small with kids. Like when Aubri told me during a dinner that her tummy hurt, right after she told me that she did not like what we were having. She didn't get away with that little fib, so I'm not quite sure why she thought she could get away with the fib she told me yesterday.

It all started when I was in my room working on laundry and the kids were running around playing in the living room with the dog. I then hear Timmy burst out crying and Aubri telling him, "shh shh, its ok Tiger, its ok."

Meanwhile, he is running towards me with his fingers out to me crying his head off. I asked Aubs what happened and she first said, "someone bite him mommy." Looking at me like she's hoping I don't figure it out.

Me: "WHO, bit him Aubri?"

Aubri: "um, HE bite him."

Me: "Aubri, you're going to be in timeout if you don't tell me the truth. WHO bit Tiger?"

Aubs: "um, um, I think it was MJ (our dog)."

Me: "I don't think MJ bit Tiger, I think someone else did and I need you to tell me the truth."

Aubs: "I don't know."

Me: "Ok, go to timeout."

Aubri then proceeds to go to her timeout spot, screaming about not wanting to be there.  I made her sit it out for a couple of minutes before I went to talk to her. I told her it was so much better to tell the truth and say you're sorry, then it is to tell a lie and get caught. With tears streaming down her face, I felt she was most likely going to tell me the truth this time, so I asked her... "Who bit Tiger?"

Aubri: "I bite Tigers finger mom."

Me: "I'm very proud of you for telling me the truth. Now you need to go say you're sorry to Tiger for biting his finger."

She ran over to Timmy and told him she was sorry and he immediately leaned down from his chair to give her a big open mouth smooch. It was so cute! He leaned down about 3 times to smooch his sis and thankfully I keep my camera in a good spot where I could grab a shot really fast and hence the picture above. It was a moment to remember. My daughter trying to get away with her first "real" lie and then how sweet they were to each other afterwards. I love my kids!

Lesson learned. My kiddos do play pretty good together. Aubri is always watching out for her brother and lets me know if he grabs something or does something that is dangerous... cause he's a boy and thats what boys do.



  1. That is so sweet! You are such a good mommy and you have such good kids. Nice job, Momma!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love it! Aub's makes me laugh! I love these pics to!! I think I say that every time I comment but it's totally true! They are awesome! Love you!

  3. HA HA. That is cute!! I am glad Aubri is learning about telling the truth... Your pics are so cute... I Love Timmy's look on the second one... Such cute kids... Can't wait to see you...


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