Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Progeny #2


My little Timothy Tiger! I love this boy! He is at the 1 year old age where he gets into EVERYTHING! Its so much work to keep track of his messes, but I sure love him to pieces! He is super super tender hearted. You tell him no or scold him in any way, he will break down crying like his heart got broken into a million pieces. He loves to give super wet, slobbery, open mouth smooches. I love them! He's starting to favor his Daddy and follow him where ever he goes, but I'm pretty sure he's still a super mamas boy. At least I can still be the only one that makes everything better. :)  He tries to do everything his sister does and he now will fight for a toy instead of just letting Aubri come up and snatch it. We're constantly working on sharing in our house. ;)

*Just had to share a little about my two favorite little people before they grow and change on me again.


  1. He is SO cute! :) Boys are fun. Isaac cries like that, too, when he gets in trouble. For some reason, it seems so much more sad than when my girls cry!

    I think every house with more than one kid is constantly working on sharing. ;)

  2. So cute!!! I am glad he is my nephew!!! Fun times. I love that sharing thing... HA HA never ending battle!!! Love you guys...

  3. Nicole....your pictures are unbelievable! I love them ALL! The pictures at the fair fun!
    I think I heard you moved Wednesday??? I need to call and check up on you....We will surely miss you ;-(

  4. So adorable, I love this little man. Bruiser. He is such a daring little guy, runs straight towards danger! I wonder where he gets that?! ;)

  5. I can't believe how long I've been away from your blog! I just got done going through the past five posts to catch up and I just can't believe how fast they grow up! I wish you could take pictures of our life like you do yours, it seems so magical when you take your pictures! Miss you Nicole and see you soon!

  6. Oh what a little sweetie!!! He is so cute!


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