Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unwavering Wednesday

My cutie has the croup. :( :( :(

Not fun. We were up at 1 am and again for good at 6 am. A little fever with difficulty breathing makes for a crappy day. Or as Aubri would put it, "oh cwap." (I must stop saying that)

*A last weekend photo when the tide was low. We were suppose to be looking for cool sea shells, but Aubs was more interested in playing in the mud.
playing with mud

I took my miserable daughter to the doctor yesterday and noticed the following along the way...

I had no idea spring had sprung here already. Must pay attention more often. It's my favorite season! It also helps a cwappy day go good again. :)
We had to sing popcorn popping on the way home. One of Aubri's favorites.
spring in feb

popcorn popping

Lots of crocuses everywhere as well... they are so pretty.
spring in feb

crocus blooming

Are you still looking at snow??? Cause thats just too bad. hehe! :)


  1. I HATE croup. My kids have definitely had their fair share of that... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos though! What kind of camera do you use? I wish I had just a smidge of your talent!

  2. Poor little Aubri! Croup is aweful!! And don't feel bad that she says cwap. Brynnlee walks around saying, "Dang it!" when something doesn't go her way. Funny kids.

    You're so lucky spring has sprung. Thank you for the pictures. They give me hope!

    Hope Aubs (that's what we call our Aubree too) gets feeling better soon!

  3. Gosh, you take pretty pictures! :) So sorry she's had croup. Mia's had it a few times...they sound so awful and miserable.

    and hey...cwap is lots better than some of the things Miss Aspen spits out....ask Lurlyn. Its embarrassing and I just want to tell people its not from me!!! So i'd take cwap anyday over son of a .....

  4. Croop is no fun. I hope she gets better soon!!!
    I wish spring was springing here, bet we still have a bit to go in the cold and white world.

  5. You mean thing, of course we're still looking at snow! Thanks for the change of scenery! <3

  6. your pictures are beautiful. sorry aubrianna is sick.


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