Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Festivities...

Actual Easter day was a bit gloomy/rainy/cold here in beautiful Washington. However, we were fortunate enough to celebrate it with family the weekend before when it was sunny and warm out. Lucky us!

The Easter Bunny was good to Aubri this year. It was her first official year being able to hunt for eggs... and boy did she ever hunt for them. Thats about all she cared about. Filling up her basket. She was soooooo cute in her Easter dress I bought her and so funny being really serious about finding eggs. I thought she wouldn't care too much or that I'd have to hold her basket for her but no. It is so fun to watch her change and grow. I'll have to do a post soon about all the new things she is saying and doing. It amazes Tim and I both.

Here are some of the cute pics I have of the day...

...finding eggs...

...easter bunny is good to me...

... where'd the candy go?...
This one cracks me up, cause Aubri was having a hard time getting the eggs open to get the candy inside. Well, apparently she got it open but she's not the one with the candy and she is trying to ask us where the candy went. Hmm... ? haha!

... the irish jig...
It is very hard to capture a good picture of two 1 1/2 yr olds together in their cute outfits... but I did. I love this one. Leify (her cousin) is famous around here for his funny dancing and Aubri loves to get jiggy with him as well.


  1. LOVe her dress, it is so cute! Who is the little boy with her on the trampoline?
    Looks like it was a fun easter weekend, it was miserable and gloomy for actual easter, go figure!

  2. Oh my goodness-that hair! I had no idea it was red. . .that is totally cute!!

    Hey, have you stopped by the reunion blog? I think you're one of the classmates we are looking for. . .


  3. So cute! You make every picture look like a photoshoot--not fair. The boy on the trampoline looks related to Aubri in a way. Probably not, pretty cute though!

  4. The little boy is Leify, her cousin. Sorry... he's been on my blog before so I thought everyone knew who he was. :)

  5. Just beautiful. Beautiful dress, beautiful hair, beautiful photography. You have quite the cute little girl. Sarah had a cute dress on at church but she was in her carseat sleeping through most of it so no one saw. Oh well.

  6. What wonderful pictures you got. Aubri is so beautiful. Her hair looks a little auburn in the sun now! Cute, cute!

  7. Love the pics Nicole. Leify and Aubriana always look together. They are finally starting to get along ;)

  8. hey nicole i love the pics.grandma was telling me all about it,they r soo cute toether.my cuz r so cute.

  9. I would be happy with a boy but I am hoping for a girl... I think it is a girl because I am sicker than I was with the others... and I was sick with my boys. Blah!
    I love the easter pictures. My Ryan didn't have any trouble opening the plastic eggs but he had trouble opening the candy... He ate some foil before I could stop him.

  10. Aubri is SO cute!!!!! And your camera takes great pictures!!!! So, which part of WA are you living in??? and Who did you celebrate Easter with?


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