Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures Are Priceless

Aubriana and I flew out to Washington this past week to visit family. We had so much fun! We really miss not being around family and makes it all the more fun when we get to see them. Unfortunately Tim was not able to come with us again. We missed him terribly :(

We celebrated two Birthdays while there. Aubriana's cousin Leify just turned 1! I can't believe it! Lurlyn made an adorable cake for him. Tim's sister Dana also had a birthday the day after. Jim bought her a delicious cake which I had wished I got more then 1 slice of. :) For Dana's birthday all us girls went to Time Out For Women in Portland. It was a really good time.

Below are some fun pictures I took of the trip. We went to a pumpkin farm on Leify's birthday and they had all sorts of things to do there. So... I got a million pictures and I'm posting quite a few of my favorites.

tractor ride to the pumpkin patch

The sky looked awesome that night

Aubriana and her cousin Cam playing peek-a-boo

They loved playing in my suitcase when I was trying to pack


  1. I love love love love your pictures. You are too flippin talented woman.

  2. Oh my gosh, Nicole...those pictures are SO cute!!! (so is it obvious that often stalk your page? are all just too cute!) You take fantastic photos!

  3. There are some especially darling pics of you and Aubriana in these.


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