Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aubri's 4!


This past Sunday Aubriana turned 4!!! She was so excited about it! When she woke up I started singing Happy Birthday to her and she then responded, while touching her face... "AH! My mouth got big, my nose got big, my eyes got big and my hair is LONG like you mom! I'm big!" Funny how that happened overnight. You can't help but laugh at a 4 year old imagination.

Its so fun to see the changes they go thru each year. Especially since it seems like yesterday when they were just born and you were holding them as a tiny baby (Tim and I did some reminiscing on her birthday, can you tell?).

Anyway, we had a big family party the weekend before Thanksgiving and celebrated her cousin Sophi's (turned 2) and Soren (turned 1) and Aubri's together! It was awesome! We took the kids to the Bullwinkle Fun Center and let them play in the over crowded Kiddopolaus. Then we headed back to our house for pizza, cake and presents. Man, did those kids get presents! Their Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Dana and Uncle Jim were too generous! The kids had a blast and I only really have a couple of decent pictures from the whole thing. I wasn't in the photopp zone... between knocking my brother-in-law over with my hinny trying to get some pictures and almost burning a pizza... well, I tried.

I did get some memorable pics of Aubri on her actual birthday. I bought her a cardigan to go over a really pretty dress her Grandma Jones bought her. So she was so excited to be dressed up on her birthday for church. We have church at 1, so I didn't get started on decorating her cake until after 7 pm! I know... I'm horrible! The day just got away from me. Aubri had a good birthday though, so thats what matters, right?!

First... here is a little interview I had with her. I got the idea off of pinterest.  You can get the page to print HERE. I think I'll be doing this with her every year from now on... if I can remember. One of the things that was exciting was she wrote her own name, by herself, on her birthday! I was so impressed! She's been able to do it ever since. Her name on the paper is all her, without any help from the peanut gallery! Go Aubs!

*Keep in mind that I just wrote her answers the way she said them. Some are pretty darn funny.

Right before she blew out her candles, she made a wish out loud. It was pretty funny but I can't remember what it was.

The presents. We got her little people to go with the big doll house that her Aunt Lurlyn bought her. The two girls she is holding below she named:  Karshia and Kaboosa. LOL!
presents grouped

This is Timmy, jealous that he's not getting any presents to open. :(

Playing her new fishing game with dadda.

The next day, Aubri asked her dadda to play dolls with her. He got to be the Grandma and I think Aubri's playing with Kaboosa. :) I couldn't help snap a photo. Tim's man enough. No shame in being a good daddy.



  1. Happy Birthday! :) 4 is such a fun age, and they all seem to be so excited about turning 4. :) Love all the pics of daddy playing with the dolls - good daddy. :)

  2. Happy Birthday cute girl!! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

  3. LOVE!!!! Aubri is so pretty. I love her cute hair and pretty hat... Hope she had a very Happy Birthday... Oh that is awesome that Tim plays dolls with Aubs... Oh, and the Timmy's jealousness is so funny!!!!

  4. I love all of this! So cute! So glad we all got to celebrate the birthday madness together. Aubs is such a fun girl, she is so fun to be around. We love her, and Tiger too much to express. Tiger did kinda get the shaft though, he's all left out up there in June by himself (cuz you don't really count in the kid dept, haha! ;) Love ya!

  5. This is a really cute idea, but there are a few grammar mistakes. It should be “Who is your best friend?” and “What do you want to be when you’re all grown-up?”

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