Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Pics!


  1. Hey sorry...I got sick last night, my kindey infection is back AGAIN. I was bent over like an old hag barely able to walk (I'm going to get antibiotics today)
    Anyways......Your little gal is just gorgeous!! I can't wait to come and meet her! Leify is excited too!!! ;) She definitley is a mixture of you both she has taken dominate traits from you two and is just perfect! Good job! ;) Yay I can't wait!

  2. She is too darling! Maryn shared your email with me and I was so excited to see the cute pictures.

    Good work, MOM!!

    Jan Porter

  3. Tammy just told me you had pictures up and they are soooo cute . She is adorable! Congrats!-Nena

  4. Aubriana is beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy her! They grow so fast.


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