Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Takes So Little To Please!

So! Long awaited washer and dryer is now located in our laundry closet! Yeah! No more carrying heavy baskets of dirty clothes to the laundry and paying $1.25 in quarters for one wash.

It was like Christmas yesterday putting these in there. It was also quite the ordeal. Tim had to drill a 4" hole through the back of the closet to the outside for the heater vent. It was a little nerve racking but a complete success. The hubby knows what he's doing. I also had to stick my pregnancy swollen arm through the side of the wall and the dryer to plug it in. I was not giving up and Tim couldn't stop laughing at the faces I was pulling. I had some laundry to do after all! When we were finally finished, Tim went to watch some TV and I sat and watched the washer do its first load. It was fantastic! These will be nice to have with a baby on the way!


  1. Hehe you're so funny ;) Good for you!

  2. That is so funny, But I would have to say any thing for a washer and dryer, Cute blog-nena (Tammy's friend)


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