Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sleepy Minnie

While we were away this past weekend, we had to leave Minnie at a dog boarding place. Tim wouldn't even come with me to take her there cause he thought she would get more upset. Anyway, I took her and I almost starting crying when I had to turn around and leave her. She was so confused and all the dogs were barking at her!

When I went to pick her up on Monday morning, she was so upset. She was whimpering and barking at me. It was so sad. It stinks that we can't take her with us on the plane. Anyway, I got her home and she has been sleepy ever since. Today is no exception. She was a little cold too, so she had to have her sweater on. I really think with all this sleeping she is doing that she really had a good time playing with all the other dogs. Don't you think she has a hard life? haha!


  1. Poor minnie...her sweater is adorable though.

  2. Poor minnie...her sweater is adorable though.


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